I miss the seminar where all the participants turn off the video!

When you host a seminar at Zoom, can you talk while looking at the faces of all the participants?

Participants, have you turned off the video?

If everyone turns off the video, that’s normal for the seminar.

When that becomes normal, even people who have turned on video until then will feel, “What? Is it normal to turn off video?”

And the participants will not show their faces until the end once the video is turned off.


Do you know why this is?

It’s easier for participants to turn off the video when attending the seminar.

If you can’t see your face, you can’t tell if you’ve fallen asleep, picked your nose, or yawned.


However, if you do so, the seminar instructor, that is, the person who talks, will not be able to see the reaction of the participants and will be struck by a fierce feeling of loneliness (laugh)

You talk to a black screen where you don’t know if you have someone or not.


Since we are connected by Zoom, do you want to talk while looking at each other’s facial expressions?

Seminar instructors can rest assured that the participants nod properly to the words they speak.

If the participants respond properly, I hope the seminar instructor will respond accordingly.

When giving a seminar at Zoom, it is decided at the beginning of the seminar whether the participants turn the video on or off.

What kind of call should I make and what kind of response should I take?

I talk about that kind of concern at the Zoom Organizer Seminar at Zoom Academy Japan.


There are many Zoom seminars that only talk about the features and usage of Zoom.

But …


  • How can participants comfortably attend the seminar?
  • How can I enjoy communicating with the participants?
  • How can you make the participants happy?


Zoom Academy Japan’s Zoom Organizer Seminar cuts into such “seminar content from the student’s point of view”.

If you want to host a Zoom seminar, why not learn about Zoom’s best know-how and hospitality as a seminar instructor at the Zoom Organizer Seminar?


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