I want to fix the Zoom meeting ID

What if I want to give participants the URL to join Zoom?

After creating a meeting room, it is common to send an email with the URL containing the ID.

However, there may be some people who think about this depending on how they use it.

It’s annoying to send the URL one by one because we always hold meetings with the same members.

I think it would be convenient if we were always together.

For those who have such needs, this time we will fix the meeting ID (URL).

How to fix Zoom meeting ID

If you fix the Zoom meeting ID, of course, the ID will be the same every time, so if only the date and time of the meeting is known to the other party, you will be able to participate.

I’ll write about the problem later, but it’s easy because it saves a little effort.

It’s very easy to set up.

When creating a new meeting, simply select “Use personal meeting ID xxx-xxx-xxxx ” for the Meeting ID field .


It is the part surrounded by the red frame in this image.

If you select it, the ID of this meeting will be fixed as the personal meeting ID.

So what is this personal meeting ID in the first place? Those who thought.


This is the number that is displayed when you open your profile after logging in.

You can change this personal meeting ID with the paid plan, but you can’t change it with the free plan, so don’t publish it too much.

How to participate when the Zoom ID is fixed

As I wrote in the previous item, the ID is fixed, so you can join at any time by posting the URL in a common chat space or entering the ID from the Zoom app.

Entering the room from the URL is just a click, so I will not explain it this time.

To enter from the Zoom app, simply open the Zoom app, enter the same ID every time in the meeting ID below, and press the join button at the bottom right.


Problems when fixing the Zoom ID

The problem with fixing the Zoom ID is that anyone can enter it whenever the ID (URL) is leaked.

Isn’t this just one point?

There are other possible problems, such as entering the room before the host, or being used without permission even if the host disappears, but on the contrary, it is rare to think of fixing the ID in such an environment. Right.

Then, the biggest problem, what should I do so that the ID (URL) should be leaked?

The answer is simple.

All you have to do is set a password for participation.

The setting method is as follows.


When creating a meeting, simply check the required meeting password items and enter the password in the box to the right.

In this case, if you enter 999999 when you enter the meeting, you will be able to participate.


If you are operating Zoom with a free account and want to use the same ID, we recommend that you set a password just in case.

If you are operating Zoom with a paid account, you can change the meeting ID itself in case of emergency, so it can be said that depending on the content of the meeting to be held, it may be operated bullishly as it is.

The setting itself is very easy, so if you have all the conditions, you may want to fix the ID.


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