If you can’t install the Zoom app on your PC, use your browser!

Due to company rules, you may not be able to install the downloaded application on your computer.
At such times, you can also join a Zoom meeting from your browser.


If you can’t or don’t want to install the Zoom app on your computer, you can also use Zoom from your web browser.

However, this requires the Zoom meeting host to set “You can join from a web browser.”

First, where does the host make this setting …


Open My Meeting Settings and go down all the way.

Turn on the item to display the “Join from browser” link .

Participants click on the invitation URL provided by the host.

Then, the Zoom app will be downloaded first.

If you click on the downloaded file here, the Zoom app will be installed, so do not click on the downloaded file.

Click ” here ” in the sentence “Can’t download? You can also click here to join.”

Enter a name for joining the meeting and click the Join  button.

You can select the country when you use the phone to exchange voice.

When exchanging voice over the phone, the country is set to “U.S or Any other”, but when using the microphone and speaker of the personal computer, nothing is required.

Normally, you will use the microphone and speakers of your computer, so click ”  Join Audio by Computer  “.

When you are prompted for permission to use the microphone, click Allow.


You can also set the camera resolution and turn off the video with the Quality button.

You can’t set the resolution in the app.

When you click the invite button, you will see a screen like the one below, which is almost the same as the app.


There are also Mute, Participants, and Chat buttons, but they are the same as the app.

If you use Zoom in your browser, you cannot share your screen.



If the Zoom app is installed or the host has turned off Show “Join from browser” link, the link to enter from the browser will not be displayed.



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