If you switch between a paid plan and a free plan in zoom, be sure to check here!

Zoom has a free Basic plan and a paid Pro plan.
You can use Zoom efficiently while switching between these.


There are two main types of Zoom plans: free and paid.

There are three types of paid plans: Pro plan, Business plan, and Enterprise plan.

If we use it, I don’t think it is necessary or beneficial to use more than the Business plan, so the Pro plan will suffice.


You can switch from the free Basic plan to the paid Pro plan at any time.

It is a one-month contract or a one-year contract from the day you make the Pro plan.

Payment is by credit card.


If you don’t hold a Zoom seminar every month, you can use the Pro plan only when you use it, and return to the free plan when you don’t use it.


I will let you know what kind of plan you have now and what to do if you want to switch between them.

First,¬†click “My Account” from¬†Zoom.US.


There is “Payment” at the bottom of the menu on the left, so click it.

Here, check the “Plan Name” and “Next Invoice Amount”.

If you want to return from the paid plan to the free plan, click “Cancel registration”.

If you want to return to the free plan, click “Cancel Registration”.

When the contract for the paid plan expires, you will return to the free plan.

Make sure you don’t see your next bill, especially when you switch back to the free plan.


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