If you’re looking for a webinar tool for seminars, Zoom goes from free to paid

Zoom has been installed in over 1 million companies and organizations worldwide.

This time, I will talk about the “Zoom Webinar,” a tool that has recently received a great deal of attention.

Although it is a web meeting tool that has many fans because it has a lot of functions even if it is free, it is not enough if it is used as a webinar tool when holding web seminars and online salons.

If you want to use Zoom for webinars or online salons, you need to use a paid license instead of a free license.

There are some people who think “I can’t do it with the free version?”, but for web seminars and online salons, you should use the Zoom webinar, which is a fee.

Why should I use it even for a fee? I think you can understand it by reading the text. First of all, I will explain the basic knowledge about Zoom, the difference between Zoom free license and paid version license, so please read it to the end.

What is the Zoom webinar?

Zoom Webinar is a Zoom service for people who hold web seminars and online salons on the Internet, among other licenses.

Zoom has been highly evaluated as a web conferencing tool for its high quality, high compression data communication, and is used by more than 1 million companies and organizations around the world. However, it is highly cost-effective and recommended.

Differences between Zoom meetings and webinars

Licenses for web conferencing and online meetings are referred to as Zoom meetings, and licenses for web seminars and online salons are referred to as Zoom webinars. Let’s explain the difference first.

I compared the differences as tools.

 Zoom MeetingZoom Webinar
UseWeb conferences and in-house discussionsWeb seminars and online salons
Screen sharingPossiblePossible
Video sharingPossible (all participants)Only host and panelist possible
Participation only for viewingNonePossible
The number of participantsUp to 100 for free, up to 500 for paid plansDepends on contract license. Maximum 100 to 10,000
List of participantsCan be viewed by all participantsOnly hosts and panelists can view
Chat functionPossiblePossible
Live distributionFacebook onlyFacebook, YouTube, Facebook, etc.

In this way, the difference between Zoom Meeting and Zoom Webinar as tools is that video sharing is possible/impossible, only view-only participation is possible, and whether there is a Q&A function.

In addition, there are significantly more webinar partners when delivering seminars and online salons live.

By the way, video sharing is a function that allows people to participate in Zoom to view common videos.

The webinar can only be used by the host and panelists as the host and panelists make progress.

In addition, the Q&A function is a function that is only available in webinars, and it is a function that allows you to take surveys of people participating in web seminars and online salons, and to perform two-way communication by chat.

Considering these points, it can be said that those who are thinking of distributing web seminars and online salons can recommend it because the webinar is optimized as a function.

Differences and features between the free and paid licenses for Zoom

In addition to the free version, Zoom’s pricing system is licensed for professional, business, enterprise and licenses, and has the form of optional webinar tool functions.

So using the Zoom webinar’s tooling features requires you to sign up for a Zoom paid license.

If you would like to know more about Zoom’s paid plan, professional, business or enterprise, please contact us from the banner at the bottom of the page. The person in charge will inform you of the best plan and price.

So what’s the difference between the free and paid licenses for Zoom?

There are many small differences in functions depending on the plan, but I will omit here and explain only the major differences.

What is the difference

  • When using more than 3 people, there is a 40-minute time limit.
  • The paid version license can be saved in the cloud when recording
  • Can manage usage status and meeting status
  • Can be linked with other business tools

These four are the big difference between the free version license and the paid version license of Zoom.

And the Zoom webinar recommended for essential webinars and online salons is only available with a paid plan.

Although Zoom is considered to be available free of charge, we do not recommend the free plan if it is used as a webinar tool at webinars and online salons.

The next section explains why.

Why You Should Use the Paid Zoom Webinar Instead of Free at Webinars and Online Salons

You can use Zoom for web seminars and online salons with a free license, but it may damage your branding and trust.

Free version of Zoom has a 40 minute delivery time limit

This is because Zoom has a free license and can be used for up to 40 minutes when used by 3 or more people.

Of course, for web seminars and online salons, it is natural that there are many participants in addition to the host and panelists.

If that happens, I can’t talk about the end, saying “Because time has come in 40 minutes”.

If you conduct a webinar or an online salon, you will introduce the product, service, or information to the customer.

In order for those people to want your product, service, or information, it is necessary to have the credibility and brand power of the transmitter (host, teacher, panelist) in addition to the value of the product itself. .

In that sense, it can be said that it is very important to be able to use it for 40 minutes or more without worry.

Publish and share your recorded seminar content online

Cloud storage of recordings, which is a feature of Zoom’s paid plans.

You can record with Zoom, which is a free version license, but you can only save it locally (save it to your smartphone or tablet such as your PC or iPhone).

When you hold a webinar or online salon, you can record it, edit it, publish it as content, or share it with those who could not participate at that time.

The paid version can be saved in the cloud, so just share the URL of the save destination and these steps will be completed.

Analyze participants’ reports and use them for the next delivery

There is a report creation function that is not available in the free version.

This is a function that creates registrants, attendees, survey response rate, attendee engagement, etc. in a report.

These data will be very useful for the next webinar and online salon.

Combined marketing approach with Hubspot and Zapier

It is possible to link various business tools with the Zoom webinar.

For example, if you link with Hubspot, you can get the data record of participation/non-participation and the data of how much you auditioned the video.

By linking with Zapier, it is also possible to provide information on where to purchase products and services and to show payment methods (Paypal, credit card payment, etc.) at the end of the webinar or online salon.

Article summary

How was it? This time, I introduced the Zoom Webinar and explained the necessity to switch from the free version license to the paid version.

I also talked about the reasons why it is recommended to use the webinar even if you switch to the paid version.

It’s a popular Zoom webinar that is actually used by many. Although it functions well as a tool, those who are new to Zoom webinars will be surprised at its stable communication quality.


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