Improving poor video quality in zoom App

With Zoom, you can enhance video conferencing with Virtual Backgrounds and filters, as well as improve video and picture quality. In addition to adding flair to meetings, webinars, and remote work, these settings also allow for a better meeting, webinar, or remote work experience.

Admins and account owners can also upload custom filters for their users.

In this article, you’ll learn how to improve poor video and picture quality, including:

  • Enable HD video
  • Adjust for low light
  • Touch up my appearance
    • Windows/macOS
    • iOS
  • Apply video filters
  • Use virtual backgrounds
  • Apply Studio Effects

Prerequisites for high-quality Zoom videos

Touch up my appearance, HD video, and Virtual Background features

  • Zoom desktop client
    • Windows: 5.2.0 (42619.0804) or higher
    • macOS: 5.2.0 (42634.0805) or higher
  • Zoom mobile app
    • iOS: 5.2.0 (42611.0804) or higher

Lighting adjustment feature

  • Zoom desktop client
    • Windows: 5.2.0 (42619.0804) or higher
    • macOS: 5.2.0 (42634.0805) or higher

Video filters feature

  • Windows
    • Zoom desktop client, version 5.2.0 (42619.0804) or higher
    • 64-bit operating system
    • Supported processors:
      • Intel: 4th generation or higher i3, i5, i7, i9 processor
      • AMD: Ryzen 3, 5, 7, 9 processor
  • macOS
    • Zoom desktop client, version 5.2.0 (42634.0805) or higher
    • macOS 10.13 or higher
    • Supported processors:
      • Intel: 4th generation or higher i3, i5, i7, i9 processor
      • AMD: Ryzen 3, 5, 7, 9 processor
  • iOS
    • Zoom mobile app, 5.5.0 or higher
    • iOS version 11.0 or higher
    • iPad 2017 (A9) or higher
    • iPhone 8 (A9) or higher
  • Android
    • Zoom mobile app, 5.8.0 or higher
    • See Android system requirements for virtual background

Studio Effects feature

  • Zoom desktop client
    • Windows: 5.3.0 (52670.0921) or higher
    • macOS: 5.3.0 (52651.0920) or higher

How to improve meeting video and picture quality

Enable HD video

High-resolution video conferencing is possible with our HD video capabilities.


Meetings in 720p-quality video are currently only available to Pro account users or higher, and only for meetings with a maximum of two participants. Meetings in 1080p are for special use cases currently. You can read more about the requirements for Group HD by clicking here.

When in a meeting or a webinar, HD video is available, so you can see high-quality video in 720p or 1080p. Enable HD video using the following steps:

  • Select your profile picture in the Zoom desktop client, then click Settings.

  • Select the Video tab.
  • Then click HD.


Your device must meet the bandwidth requirements even when the setting is enabled.

Adjust for low light

By brightening your video in dark environments, Zoom’s low light settings help you overcome poor video lighting conditions while video conferencing remotely.

  • The Zoom desktop client allows you to change your profile settings by clicking your profile picture.

  • Select the Video tab.
  • Turn on Adjust for low light.

  • The setting is set to Auto by default. However, you can select Manual, and adjust the setting to the desired effect.

Refresh my appearance

Touch up my appearance enhances your digital appearance in real time by softening your picture display.

Windows | macOS

  • Click your profile picture, then click Settings in the Zoom desktop client.

  • Select the Video tab.
  • Then click Touch up my appearance.
  • You can adjust the effects with the slider.

The next time you start or join a meeting on this computer, Zoom will remember your preferences.


  • Tap Settings in the Zoom app.

  • Select Meetings.

  • Click Be more professional.
  • Display your video with or without touch-up by selecting this option.
  • You can adjust the effect using the slider.

When you start or join a meeting on this device, Zoom remembers your preference.

Apply video filters

During meetings and webinars, Zoom’s desktop client and mobile app allow users to apply a variety of overlays, color filters, and custom video frames.

Windows | macOS

  • Log in to the Zoom desktop client.
  • On the Profile tab, click Settings.

  • On the Background & Filters tab, select the desired option.
  • Select the Video Filters tab.

  • Choose a filter.

Android | iOS

  • Log in to the Zoom mobile app.
  • Tap More in the controls when in a Zoom meeting.

  • Then select Filters in the Background and Filters section.
  • Choose the filter you wish to use.
  • To continue using this filter for all meetings on this device, tap the Apply to all meetings option.
  • The X lets you return to the meeting once you’ve selected a filter.

Use virtual backgrounds

During a Zoom Meeting, you can use the Virtual Background feature to display an image or video as your background. Zoom detects the difference between you and your background when you have a green screen and uniform lighting.

Apply studio effects

The Studio Effects feature allows you to apply filters to your video appearance such as eyebrows, mustaches, and beards.

  • Zoom’s desktop client can be accessed by signing in.
  • Go to Settings after clicking your picture.

  • Select Background & Filters from the menu.
  • Select Studio Effects from the menu.
  • The Eyebrows, Mustache & Beard, and Lip Color sections allow you to customize your settings.
  • To use the settings for all future meetings, select or deselect the box.
  • Then click Close.

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