In 10 Minute – Explain the difference between Zoom license, Meeting and Rooms

Recently, Zoom has received a great deal of attention as a work style reform and infection control measures.

Among them, many people think of it as a tool for doing online conferences online, but there is actually a service called Zoom Rooms.

Briefly, the former is called the Zoom meeting, and the latter Zoom Rooms is a slightly different service (license).

However, even if you suddenly hear it, it is difficult to understand these differences, right?

In this article, we will explain the difference between Zoom Meeting and Zoom Rooms in an easy-to-understand manner, and also introduce the purpose of each service.

Comparison of basic information about Zoom Meeting and Zoom Rooms

We will compare Zoom Meeting and Zoom Rooms, but first, let’s review the basic knowledge of each license.

What is a Zoom Meeting

Many people think of this meeting when it comes to Zoom.

Human beings who are remote from a PC, smartphone or tablet hold online meetings, so to speak, web conferences, and online meetings.

In fact, many Zoom users are using this Zoom meeting, and it is highly regarded for its high communication system and rich functionality.

It has very convenient functions for meetings such as document sharing, screen sharing, and recording functions. Furthermore, the convenience of whiteboard functions, chat functions, virtual backgrounds, etc. is unsurpassed.

It is also a popular secret that it can be used with simple settings and setup.

What is Zoom Rooms

Zoom Rooms is a permanent Zoom terminal configuration like a conventional video conference system.

Multiple people gather in a conference room where Zoom Rooms is set up, and a permanent terminal such as a tablet is set up as a controller to participate in the conference.

It is convenient for multiple people to enter a conference from one place and hold a meeting with outsiders.

The difference between Zoom meetings is that they can be gathered online from different locations (meetings), or one group communicates to many people from a permanent location (Rooms).

Comparison of Zoom Meeting and Zoom Rooms

typeWeb conferencing toolsVideo conferencing tools
How to useParticipate in meetings individually from PC, smartphone, tabletMultiple people gather in a meeting room to hold a meeting with people in remote areas. Log in using a tablet as a controller
priceFree/Paid (Professional/Business/Corporate Plan) Price may fluctuate depending on the quantity/Contact requiredContract/inquiry required per conference room
ContractIndividualconference room
TerminalPC/smartphone/tabletPC + touch operation controller (tablet etc.)
ConstitutionTerminal (necessary if not equipped with a microphone, speaker, webcam, etc.)Terminals, displays, microphones, speakers, webcams
Number of people2 people ~4 people ~

Recommended use of each and related scenes

Now that you know the difference between Zoom Meetings and Zoom Rooms, this section will discuss what each of them is for and what kind of scene it fits in.

Uses and related scenes for Zoom meetings

Zoom The uses and scenes for a meeting are clear.

In other words, it’s a web conference or meeting with multiple participants.

Web and online meetings

You can participate anywhere, so you don’t need to travel time or cost compared to conventional meetings.

In addition, there is no need to prepare and distribute materials by sharing materials and screens.

It is also easy to set up and set up, so even beginners can start immediately.

In-house training and lectures

Zoom meetings are useful for in-house training and online lectures that convey manuals and knowhow.

People inside the company can listen to what the instructors say from their desks or at home, so it would be good for new employee training before joining the company.

By using the whiteboard function, which is a type of screen sharing, participants can view images and images written by the instructor in freehand.

Furthermore, if the break room function is set and used, it is possible for the participants in the lecture to split into small groups for discussions.

There is also a recording setting function, so I think it’s good to use it to look back at the recorded contents later or check the missed contents in detail.

Web seminars and online salons

The situation is a little different from the Zoom meeting, but Zoom is also very popular with people who host webinars and online salons.

You can of course hold web seminars and online salons at Zoom meetings as well, but in fact, there is a service package called “Zoom Webinar” that is specialized for seminars and salons, so I recommend checking this out as well.

Uses and related scenes for Zoom Rooms

So what are the uses and scenes that Zoom Rooms are suitable for?

In the case of Zoom Rooms, the essence is the same as that of Zoom meetings, so it is an introduction of the scene that is suitable for rather than usage.

Use for regular meetings

If you have a company or organization with frequent opportunities to consult (or receive) consultants with regular meetings with external clients, Zoom Rooms is for you.

Zoom Meeting occupies a personal terminal because each person needs to set up and connect to PC, smartphone, and tablet individually, and it takes time and effort to set up after logging in each time.

However, with Zoom Rooms, which are always connected, such trouble is unnecessary.

Once you have gathered in the conference room where Zoom Rooms is permanently installed, all you have to do is connect to the outside and start.

Easy to manage because it is a contract for each conference room

Unlike Zoom Meeting, Zoom Rooms are contracted on a conference room basis, so there is no need to manage licenses.

In addition, the Zoom Meeting license can be used only for individuals, but in Zoom Rooms, it is permanently installed in the conference room, so anyone can use it at any time.

This point is a huge difference.

Can be used with branding in mind

Unlike Zoom Rooms, because Zoom meetings are accessed individually, image quality and communication quality will vary depending on the terminal and Internet environment.

There is no problem if you use it normally, but that is not the case with clients or important business negotiations.

Zoom Rooms starts with a dedicated camera, microphone, and speaker, so unlike the Zoom Meeting, it can be used in a stable environment.

In addition, when multiple people gather together on one smartphone or tablet to try a meeting, it is possible that no one is reflected on the webcam or the voice is hard to hear.

But with Zoom Rooms, you don’t have to worry about that.

Can be operated as a conference room even in a small space

Up until now, if you were a small-to-medium-sized company, it was very costly to prepare a conference room for 7-8 people, and space was a problem.

However, with Zoom Rooms, if there is a certain number of people, a meeting room where Zoom Rooms is permanently installed, and if clients and outside people access it from the outside, it is possible to have a meeting of more than 10 people in a small space I will.

The same is true for large companies.

Large companies may have no problem with the size of the meeting space, but are you in a chronic shortage of meeting rooms?

Even if you want to use it, there are many times when you cannot use it because the conference room is full.

At such times, Zoom Rooms will give you the flexibility to use conference rooms.

Summary of articles about the difference between meetings and rooms

This time, I explained the difference between Zoom Meeting and Zoom Rooms, and the applications and scenes that suit each service.

A zoom is a popular tool that has been introduced to many companies and organizations by its high quality and versatility.

We would like to encourage you to use Zoom, which has many merits, as it can respond to unexpected situations such as the promotion of work style reform and the spread of infectious diseases.

You will be amazed at its ease of use and convenience.

Also, as I explained in the explanation when introducing Zoom to companies and organizations, the price will change depending on the number of people and the scale.

Please contact us for details. A specialist will guide you through the best plans and prices.


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