In order not to cause the tragedy that the data has disappeared!

At the end of the year, I received a series of requests for data rescue.
A self-employed person who was preparing a New Year’s card saying “The data in the address book has disappeared!”
Those who are in the insurance business saying “I can’t see the year-end schedule!”

The address book has disappeared!

The computer I was using before did not start, so I bought a new one, but the address book remains only on the previous computer.

Address book, that is, the most important customer data for doing business, isn’t it?

It didn’t disappear, it just didn’t back up! !!

I think we can rescue it, but the fee will be quite high.

All my appointments have disappeared!

The calendar app I put on my smartphone had a lot of schedules to go to the year-end greetings, but I made a mistake and deleted the calendar app, so I couldn’t understand all the schedules!

It didn’t disappear, but I threw it away with my own hands (laughs).

As expected, it cannot be rescued.


We receive several such contacts each year, but this year we received two at the end of the year.

I don’t think these were any problems if the data was stored in the cloud.

For data, we recommend cloud services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, and iCloud that can be synchronized with your computer.

Use Google Calendar to enter your appointments.


In June 2018, the government announced the “Basic Policy on the Use of Cloud Services in Government Information Systems.”

In the government information system, we first set out the ” cloud-by-default principle ” that considers cloud services as the first candidate.

* Click the link above to view the actually published guidelines as a PDF file.


We often hear people say that it is a concern about security to keep important data in the cloud, but security-conscious government agencies have set out such guidelines, and the use of the cloud will be further enhanced by both individuals and companies. It seems to accelerate.

I lost my data because my computer broke!

I deleted the app, so I don’t know the schedule!

In this era of cloud technology development, let’s store data in the cloud so as not to repeat such a tragedy.



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