Introducing how to start a business or start a side business with Zoom from scratch! -You can start without funds or personal connections! ~

Even if you say that you start a business or side business with Zoom, what kind of person is suitable for starting a business or side business with Zoom?

If you answer straight, this is the person who uses Zoom to increase sales.


・ Person who has know-how about selling service to the other party

・ People who already have services such as starting a business or being an expert

・ People who start a business on weekends

・ Mom’s side business while raising children


These people are the ones who are easy to make money from doing business through Zoom. In fact, most successful people are included in this.

The characteristics of the above people are that they “provide knowledge such as seminars and consulting” and “have a side business or start a business in the face of space and time restrictions”.

Zoom is a tool that can provide the know-how that you have, regardless of time and place.

What these people have is a good match for Zoom!

In addition, Zoom is also very useful in attracting customers!


In this article, I will introduce the flow of entrepreneurship and side business using Zoom!

If you start a business or start a side business with something that goes well with Zoom, you can make a profit.

The key to making money and the way to attract customers are just 3 steps!


  1. Disseminate information on blogs and SNS
  2. Hold free study sessions and seminars for the above readers
  3. Introduce paid content at the end of free study sessions and free seminars


That’s it! Very easy! !!

Why don’t you take this opportunity to start a business or side business with Zoom?

What kind of person is suitable for starting a business or doing a side business with Zoom?

I think there are various types of entrepreneurship and side businesses. So what kind of person is suitable for starting a business or doing a side business at Zoom?

Those who use their knowledge and confidence as their weapons are suitable for entrepreneurship and side businesses using Zoom!

Zoom is the most used meeting and calling tool in the United States. If you use a webcam, you can use it like a videophone with the other party, so you can easily talk to the other party in a remote place while looking at your face.

Because of this characteristic, entrepreneurs and side businesses using Zoom are suitable for seminars and consultants who sell their knowledge and confidence as products.

If you have a field of expertise and want to use it as a weapon, you can say that it is suitable for starting a business or doing a side job at Zoom.

What are the benefits of having a seminar or consulting at Zoom?


So what are the benefits of using Zoom?

Here, we will introduce the flow up to the holding of seminars and consulting as an example.

When holding a seminar or consulting, the first step is to find a seminar venue. At that time, it is necessary to consider which city venue to choose and how many customers can be expected to be selected.

People who are accustomed to preparations or who are familiar with the venue may be able to hold the venue without much effort, but beginners who are about to start seminars and consulting often do not go well. There will be.

I can’t control the venue in the area I want to do …

I couldn’t reserve the time I wanted to do, but I wonder if the participants will gather at this time …

How many people will come to my seminar? I can’t imagine the size of the venue …

I held down the venue for the time being, but the location is difficult to understand …

I sometimes feel like this. Of course, the seminar is not only the ability and charm of the instructor himself, but this preparatory part is actually important, and it is a place that is quite distracting.

Also, for seminar participants, transportation costs will increase depending on the location of the seminar. This may make you distant.

It’s a fascinating seminar, but if it’s held in a metropolitan area, you can’t attend because of the transportation costs yourself, because you live in a rural area.

Zoom solves this problem for you.

If you hold a seminar at Zoom, the venue will be in front of your computer for both the organizer and participants.

In other words, you don’t have to choose a seminar venue, and you can set your favorite time as the seminar start time.

What’s more, each other can take seminars wherever they like, so there is no transportation cost.

Moreover, you don’t have to worry about the size of the venue. Zoom can be used by up to 100 people for free even in the free version (Basic).

Therefore, there is no need to predict the size of the venue, so you will not miss a profit opportunity beyond your capacity, and you will not have to worry about wasting money due to renting a venue that is too large.

There are so many benefits to holding a seminar using Zoom. For those who are trying to start a business or a side business, it is a big attraction to be able to remove the wall of setting up the venue!

In addition, because you are freed from these time and place restrictions, Zoom is a very useful tool for those who want to start a business or side business only on weekends, or for moms who are raising children to start a business or side business!

How do you attract customers by starting a business or doing a side business using Zoom?


Now, let’s say you start a business or do a side business using Zoom. The question is how to attract customers, that is, customers.

Even if you hold a seminar or consult, sales will not increase unless customers come.

However, people who start a business are still in a situation where people who start a side business often do not have personal connections or the ability to attract customers. Moreover, it is difficult to spend money to attract customers if it is positioned as a side business.

How to overcome this wall … It is recommended to use Zoom here as well.

I will introduce you a little. All of the methods I’ll show you are free, so it’s worth a try!

First of all, let’s use blogs, Twitter, etc. to send out your information and have them follow you.

By doing this, we will increase the number of people (fans) who will be interested in you.

Then hold a free study session or a free seminar at Zoom.

eh? Do you do it for free?

Of course, there are people who think so.

Of course, holding study sessions and seminars for free does not end there. You can think of this as a free trial session for a sports gym or an English conversation class.

From there, it leads to the provision of services that are paid products. By doing this, it is possible to acquire customers without having connections or funds.

Reasons to start a business or start a side business using Zoom instead of Skype


If you’re talking on the web system, isn’t it possible to do the same with Skype? ?? In fact, I also have Skype meetings at my current workplace.

Is there anyone who thinks this way? In fact, both Skype and Zoom are web system-based videophone tools. There are many similar functions.

So why is Zoom better suited for seminars as a side job?

For more information, see ” What is the difference between Zoom and Skype?” ?? Please refer to.


Of these, the most important point is that the burden on the customer side is small.

First, for Skype, both the organizer and the participants need to open an account. Therefore, before holding a seminar using Skype, participants must create a Skype account and share their contact information with the organizer.

This is a rather troublesome task, isn’t it? When I searched for an account on Skype, I was in trouble because I couldn’t find the other person.

On the other hand, Zoom only requires the organizer to have an account, and the participants do not need to have an account. Also, it’s easy for participants to install Zoom, so it’s less burdensome.

Also, when connecting the organizer and participants with Zoom, it is very easy as it is OK just to access the URL sent from the organizer side!

This alone has the advantage of using Zoom! Please use it once.

For the preparations for using Zoom, refer to ” Preparing for Zoom-From account creation to installation- “, and for how to use Zoom, refer to ” Let’s master how to use Zoom. Basically, this is all you need! ” ..



To recapitulate what I introduced this time,

  1. Entrepreneurship / side business using Zoom is compatible with seminar / consulting business
  2. The key to attracting customers is to use blogs and SNS to increase your fans.
  3. Free study sessions and seminars are the process of earning sales

It is important to understand these things before starting a business or doing a side business using Zoom.


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