Introducing how to use the features of Zoom Webener that you care about. How to use it with Meeting

he Zoom webinar is the webinar tool for webinars and online salons.

In this article, I will explain the features of this Zoom webinar, how to use it for holding and participating, and how it differs from Zoom meetings.

What is Zoom Webinar?

Zoom Webinar is a webinar licensing service for the web conferencing tool “Zoom”.

A webinar is a term coined by the term Webinar, which is a combination of the Web and the Seminar.

In response to the recent excitement of web seminars and online salons, Zoom is developing services that are more specialized in seminars and salons than its original function, Zoom meetings.

That’s the Zoom webinar.

While web conferences (meetings) are often held by a few people to a dozen people, while web seminars and online salons often have hundreds of participants, the Zoom webinar has a large number of people. It seems to be a communication tool for people.

What are the Zoom webinar features?

The organizer (host) schedules seminars and salons for the basic usage of the Zoom webinar and notifies prospective participants.

Participants will come to the venue online at the scheduled time and listen to the lectures and opinions of the host, lecturer, speakers, and panelists.

Since the Zoom webinar is provided with the Q&A function, chat function, and survey function, it is one of the attractions of the Zoom webinar that participants can not only listen but also interactive communication.

The maximum number of speakers and panelists is 100, and the number of participants (viewers) is 100 to 10,000.

To use the Zoom webinar, you can hold and participate on any terminal such as PC (Windows / Mac), mobile such as a smartphone (Android / iOS), tablet, etc.

Although the license is charged, participants do not need to make a license contract, so they can easily invite and participate in webinars and online salons.

The interface is very simple to use and easy to understand, so even people who are not very familiar with IT can feel free to use it.

Comparison with Zoom Meeting

typeWeb conferencing toolsVideo conferencing tools
How to useParticipate in meetings individually from PC, smartphone, tabletMultiple people gather in a meeting room to hold a meeting with people in remote areas. Log in using a tablet as a controller
priceFree/Paid (Professional/Business/Corporate Plan) Price may fluctuate depending on the quantity/Contact requiredContract/inquiry required per conference room
ContractIndividualconference room
TerminalPC/smartphone/tabletPC + touch operation controller (tablet etc.)
ConstitutionTerminal (necessary if not equipped with a microphone, speaker, webcam, etc.)Terminals, displays, microphones, speakers, webcams
Number of people2 people ~4 people ~

Basic usage

Now let’s look at how to actually use the Zoom webinar.

The flow of basic usage is as follows.

  1. Schedule (reserve) a webinar
  2. Invite teachers and panelists (speakers)
  3. Invite participants (viewers) by sending the participation URL
  4. All that is required is for participants to access the invitation URL.

It’s that simple.

Unlike the Zoom meeting, the Zoom webinar is clearly separated from hosts, panelists, and participants, so that participants cannot see other participants’ faces, thus protecting participants’ privacy. I will.

This is another big difference between Zoom meetings and webinars.

Convenient functions and usage

In addition to the basic Zoom webinar, there are various useful functions and usages, so I will introduce them.

  • Holding paid seminars in collaboration with business tools
  • Stream (live) recorded seminars and online salons
  • Screen sharing function and document sharing function
  • Whiteboard function
  • Report acquisition
  • Q&A function and questionnaire function
  • Raise hand function
  • Chat function
  • Customize email and registration form

I will briefly explain these things.

Holding paid seminars in collaboration with business tools

It is possible to hold a paid seminar in cooperation with the automation tool Zapier and to show how to purchase the products and services introduced after the seminar and online salon are finished (credit payment, etc.).

Stream (live) recorded seminars and online salons

Streaming (live) distribution can be easily done by linking with Facebook Live and YouTube.

Screen sharing function

The screen sharing function that displays the screen operated by the host, the instructor and the panelist on the screens of the participants is very convenient.

This makes it possible to communicate not only with words but also with images and images, so it is possible to hold seminars and online salons that are easier to understand and communicate.

If you also use file-sharing software such as Dropbox, you can share the agenda and materials in advance, making it a more convenient seminar for participants.

Whiteboard function

The whiteboard function is a type of screen sharing.

This is a function that allows hosts and panelists to share freehand-written images and images with participants as if they were showing a whiteboard.

Report acquisition

You can get registrants, attendees, acquired questionnaires, and attendees’ engagement (viewing time, leaving rate, etc.) as a report.

You will be able to refer to these and analyze them and use them for your next webinar or online salon.

Q&A function and questionnaire function

This is also an interesting feature for using the Zoom webinar.

A dialog box is available where you can ask questions from attendees and ask and answer live questions and texts.

This allows you to collect responses from your viewers, and get interactive communication and information.

Raise hand function

During the Zoom webinar, this virtual feature, the Raise Hand feature, can be useful if participants want to ask a question.

If you master how to use this virtual raising hand function, you should expect to improve the engagement of the participants.

Chat function

It is a function that hosts and teachers send chats to panelists during web seminars and online salons, and send chats to all participants.

Customize email and registration form

Since it is a web seminar or online salon that is held on a regular basis, I would like to do branding as well.

Zoom webinars can customize emails and registration forms so you can have your own email and registration form.

Article summary

This time, I explained the Zoom webinar, which is getting a lot of attention, as well as the basic usage and useful usage to know.

Signing up for a Zoom webinar that you care about is very easy, just contact us using the form below.

Our specialists will suggest the licenses and fees needed for your desired webinar or online salon.



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