Introducing Zoom’s paid account (Pro account)! Paid accounts have many benefits!

As you all know, you can use Zoom to communicate with people all over the world in front of your computer. There are many useful functions, too. And I’m happy that it’s free!

On the other hand, it is a fact that there are quite a few people who do not know that Zoom has a paid account (Pro account).

I think Zoom is very useful when you can use the current features for free, but what are the benefits of becoming a paid account?

This article will answer such questions.

Zoom, which can be used for free, has more benefits when it comes to paid accounts, and it will be possible to provide more valuable services!

If you read this page, it covers the main parts that you can do with a paid Zoom account, so please check it carefully until the end.

How is a paid Zoom account different from a free account?


Zoom can use all the basic functions with just a free account. It’s reliable, isn’t it? Paid accounts are a further enhancement of that function.

As an image, it would be easier to understand if you think of a smartphone game. Many mobile games are free to play, but you can get more powerful weapons and stronger items for a fee.

This means that paid Zoom accounts have more features than the free version.

Zoom paid account (Pro account) function ①-Increase in participants-


Zoom is a web conferencing system that allows multiple people to interact at the same time. This is the number of people, but the free account is limited to 100 people.

This limit on the number of people can be accommodated even if the number of paid accounts exceeds 100.

With more than 100 people, it’s possible to deliver the top messages of global companies to employees around the world.

It may be rare to use, but it is useful for large-scale events and meetings.

Zoom paid account (Pro account) function ② ~ Joint host ~


Among the features available with Zoom paid accounts, this co-hosting feature is very useful.

In Zoom, the organizer, called the host, basically sets the voice settings and chat functions of the participants, but it is difficult to do everything alone.

The co-host feature allows participants to empower participants on these hosts. In other words, you can leave the management of meeting participants to someone other than yourself. This is very convenient, isn’t it?

The joint host function allows division of labor, so for example, the instructor who gives the seminar can concentrate on speaking, and the support such as participant management can be provided by another person.

It may not be that difficult for a small number of people to do all the hosting roles alone, but it becomes difficult for a large number of people.

The joint host function can be said to be a deadly function that reduces the burden on seminar instructors.

Zoom’s paid account (Pro account) function ③ ~ No time limit ~


You know that Zoom has a 40 minute time limit when used by more than 3 people. Even if you have a schedule to finish it within 40 minutes, it is often the case that the time is over when you actually try the seminar.

If the seminar is forcibly terminated suddenly, both the organizer and the participants will feel uncomfortable, and it cannot be said that the seminar is highly satisfying.

With a paid account, you don’t have to worry about that. With a paid Zoom account, there is no time limit for multiple people using Zoom. In other words, you can hold seminars as long as you like. You don’t have to worry that you can use it for 2 hours in a seminar using a conference room like before, but it is difficult to fit it in 40 minutes with Zoom.

As time permits, it will give you the seminar time schedule you want. This may be the greatest strength of Zoom’s paid accounts.

Zoom paid account (Pro account) function ④ ~ Cloud recording ~


With Zoom, you can save the state of the meeting as audio data or video, but with a free account, it will be saved locally (on the organizer’s computer).

With a paid account, you will be able to save it in the cloud.

You can save either one, and it’s not very convenient, isn’t it?

I think there is such a voice, but it is a function that unexpectedly plays an active part. For example, if your computer is out of order and you suddenly hold a seminar on Zoom from your smartphone, you will not be able to save the audio and video of the seminar without this function.

(I can’t save audio and video data on my smartphone)

However, if you can save to the cloud, even if you hold a seminar on Zoom from your smartphone, you can save those audios and videos on the web, so you will not panic.

Above all, the sense of security that you can download and use it anytime later cannot be changed.

Zoom’s paid accounts also help us in terms of such data storage insurance.


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