Is it possible to limit participants from inviting someone to a seminar without permission in Zoom?

The other day, I received a very interesting question.
It was a perfect question to explain the difference between the Zoom Beginners Seminar and the Zoom Organizer Seminar.
The contents of the Zoom Beginners Seminar and the Zoom Organizer Seminar are, of course, completely different, but the concept of what to learn is different in the first place.


Here are some very good examples of questions to explain the difference between the Zoom Beginners Seminar and the Zoom Organizer Seminar.

The question is …

Is it possible to make the invitation function host only?

Is it possible to restrict invitations by participants?

something like.


Participating in the Zoom organizer seminar, but I think that it will be appreciated immediately to the people who are hosting the seminar several times in Zoom, the answer to this, ” NO I am”.

The “invite” feature cannot be restricted from being used by participants.


If you are asked this at the Zoom Beginners Seminar, answer as above.


However, at the Zoom Organizer Seminar, we will take a deeper look at the intent of the question.

That means …

Even if participants invite people other than those limited by the host, should the invited people not be able to participate?

It is that.


In fact, there are two ways you can do that with Zoom.


As you can see, what are the functions of Zoom? The Zoom Beginners Seminar is to learn.

So, to participate in the seminar to be held in Zoom If that is the purpose, the Zoom Beginner’s seminar is only enough to participate in.


On the other hand, how can you combine the functions of Zoom to achieve what you want to do? The Zoom organizer seminar is to learn.

There are many possibilities when hosting a seminar at Zoom.

It’s an application problem using the Zoom function.

In order to solve the applied problem, you have to practice and experience and find the answer yourself.


The Zoom Organizer Seminar saves you time with that practice, experience, and finding answers.

If you would like to hold a seminar at Zoom,  please take the Zoom Organizer Seminar.

From May, the lecturer Hitomi Shirai has brushed up the practical content focusing on the functions that the organizer should master.

After-sales follow-up is also substantial, so even if you actually decide to hold a seminar at Zoom, we will continue to support you.

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Isn’t this a little overkill?

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