Is the New Coronavirus a Pinch or an Opportunity for Education through Zoom

The end of February 2020.

The world is frightened by the threat of the new coronavirus.

Various meetings and events have been canceled to reduce the chances of human contact.

Many people have been deprived of the opportunity to learn and enjoy this.

And even this news!

With the spread of the new coronavirus, the government requested all elementary and junior high schools and high schools throughout the country to temporarily close the school from the beginning of next month until the spring break.

When I heard this news, I thought it would be easy to close a school, but is there an alternative? That means.


It is not a good opportunity to change, no, the shape of education that has been carried out for a long time, even in today’s technologically advanced world without changing the shape of education that has been done for a long time. Or! When.

With Zoom, you can teach with a quality that is almost the same as face-to-face.

The teacher only needs a computer and a web camera.

Students can take classes on their computers, tablets and smartphones.

  • With screen sharing, you can show your teaching materials and share student answers with other students.
  • Breakout sessions allow you to divide students into small rooms for discussion.
  • Even if there are noisy students, muting the audio by the teacher will not disturb the students who want to concentrate.
  • If you want to take a survey, there is also a voting function.
  • Ask questions in chats and hand out test forms.
  • If you use two cameras, you can explain while switching between the material at hand and the face of the teacher who speaks.

There is no doubt that it will be a higher quality lesson than in the classroom!


What does it mean to teach online?

What can you do?

How should i talk

Can students use Zoom properly?


ZOOM Academy Japan can handle all such concerns!

First of all, it is important to try the class online.

This is something that the government should take the initiative.

I stumbled upon the new Coronavirus, but thanks to that, education went online all at once!



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