Is Zoom’s time limit for free accounts a bit vague? ??

Zoom offers unlimited time for one-on-one meetings, even with a free account.
However, sometimes I get a report that I had a one-on-one meeting, but it expired in 40 minutes.
Actually, there are other mysterious phenomena.


The other day, I received a report from a person using a free account that the connection was cut off in 40 minutes even though there were one host and one participant.

In fact, I’ve heard reports like this twice before.

I’ve actually tried it several times at Zoom Academy Japan, but so far I haven’t encountered such a phenomenon.


However, through various trials and errors, I also encountered an interesting phenomenon.

For example …

  1. At first, three people are attending the meeting using a free account.
  2. If this is left as it is, it will expire in 40 minutes, so in about 30 minutes one person will drop out and become two people.
  3. Then, after 40 minutes, I will return to 3 people again.
  4. Then, after that, the meeting continued unlimitedly.

Well, even for Zoom, if you bother to do such a troublesome thing, please do it yourself! So, I guess I didn’t make the app in anticipation of that.

There may be some ambiguity, such as the time limit of Zoom, which expires in 40 minutes even for two people, and unlimited when there are two or three people.


If you say, “There was such a mysterious thing!”, It would be helpful if you could let Zoom Academy Japan know from the inquiry form.


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