Join Zoom meeting without installing Zoom. Know the method

Zoom, a web conferencing tool, is generally used by downloading a PC application for Windows or Mac, or by downloading the application to a smartphone such as iPhone.

However, some companies may prohibit you from downloading and installing desktop apps, or you may want to borrow a family or friend’s PC to use Zoom.

This time we will talk about what to do in situations where you can not download such Zoom, and also how to install normally.

How to Join Zoom meeting without installing Zoom

First of all from the conclusion.

To use Zoom without installing it, use Zoom from a web browser.

Chrome browser instructions

  1. The meeting host accesses and opens [Personal] -> [Settings]
  2. Scroll to the bottom and turn on the “Show “Join from browser” link” item.
  3. Send invitation emails to meeting participants
  4. Participants receiving the invitation click the link to join in their browser
  5. Click “Join from browser if application cannot be downloaded or executed” on the download start screen
  6. Enter the name to join the meeting and press the join button
  7. Select computer audio tab
  8. Click “Join audio on computer”

This alone is ok.

If you can’t use this procedure if you already have Zoom’s PC app downloaded or scroll to the bottom of 2. and the “Show “Join from browser” link” item is off there is.

I sent the participation link from the iPhone application, but it was possible to participate without any problems.

Joining a Zoom meeting with these steps is free, just like the normal steps.

Please note that you cannot join from a web browser as it is mandatory to join the smartphone with the Zoom app.

Typical installation steps for Zoom

I’ve talked about the procedure for using Zoom in a web browser without installing it, but now I will explain how to install it using the normal procedure.

Unless you have a good reason, we recommend that you install the Zoom app so that you can use it more comfortably.

Zoom apps are available for PC and smartphone apps.

There is not much difference in the installation method.

Download Zoom PC App

First, download the PC application from the official Zoom page and install it.

At that time, you can choose between Basic, Professional, Business, and Enterprise, but if you want to install Zoom for trial or personal use, it is good to choose the basic plan.

On the other hand, those who want to introduce Zoom to a company (person in charge) should make an inquiry using the dedicated inquiry form once.

Depending on the number of accounts, it is possible to directly propose the optimal one such as functions and charges.

Difference between basic plan and paid plan

We compared the differences between the Zoom basic plan and the paid plan.

The free plan allows you to use most of the basic Zoom functionality at no charge, but with some restrictions.

basic planPaid plan for professionals and above
Up to 40 minutes for group meetings24 hours for group meetings
Unlimited 1:1 conversationWith administrator function control
No cloud recording functionThere is a recording function to the cloud

There are other small differences in function, but if you roughly divide it, it will be as above.

This time, I will talk about the case when you have selected the basic plan.

Sign up and activate your account

Click to pop up the free signup screen.

Enter your e-mail address in the place where it says “Work E-mail Address” and click the sign-up button.

A confirmation email will then be sent to the email address you entered from Zoom.

Activate the account by clicking the button labeled Active account at the email address.

Create an account, download the application, and complete the installation

A screen for entering your name and password will appear, so enter the required information in the prescribed places.

Then, the screen “Let’s increase the number of friends” appears, but you may skip the procedure there.

You can introduce Zoom to other people later or invite them to your friends.

Then, the personal meeting URL you are using is displayed. Click it.

Please note that if you are proceeding with an iPhone or Android smartphone at this time, you will proceed to download and install the smartphone application.

If you install the PC app on Windows or Mac, open the email address on Windows or Mac.

After this, the application download screen will open, so download it, install it on Windows or Mac, and sign in to complete login.


Install Zoom, a high-performance web conferencing tool, for a new way of working.

By installing Zoom, you can connect and meet online, making remote work and telecommuting easy.

It is easy to use and easy to install, and the screen sharing and document sharing functions save you the trouble of having to hold a meeting such as printing the meeting materials and distributing them to everyone in-house or to clients in advance.

Zoom can use just too much functionality in the basic plan, but with the ability to save video recordings of meetings to the cloud, share with attendees, and enjoy timeless group meetings for professionals and businesses alike. It is target.

Please install and use the Zoom app as a work style reform tool for everyone!

Also, as I mentioned earlier, if you are thinking of introducing Zoom as a company, it is better to contact us from the dedicated form once before installation.

It is possible for a specialist person to inform you about the optimal plan and price that meet the conditions such as the number of accounts and required functions.


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