You can only join Zoom meetings without Zoom 5.0 or later

n May 30, 2020, system-wide accounts were enabled for AES 256-bit GCM encryption.

It doesn’t change much for users, but it’s a big change for the system.

Until now Zoom has used AES 256-bit ECB encryption.

The icon on the upper left was white.


AES 256-bit GCM encryption is enabled, and the icon on the upper left turns green.

You can no longer join Zoom meetings with Zoom clients prior to version 5.0.

Always use the latest version of Zoom.


If you are signed in to the Zoom client, you can ” Check for Updates “.

If you haven’t signed in or created an account, download and install the latest version of Zoom here.

Zoom Download Center ⇒


Zoom’s security has been steadily strengthened over the last few months and all the vulnerabilities found have been improved.

Outstandingly easy to use and feature-rich, Zoom has become the safest video conferencing system in the world by being used by many users around the world.

From now on, don’t be fooled by the overexpression of TV, magazines, and net news, feel free to use Zoom.



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