Just before the seminar started, I noticed a malfunction of the WEB camera In Zoom app

Always check the audio and camera before each seminar.
When I tested the camera 20 minutes before the start of the Zoom Organizer Seminar this morning, I couldn’t get any footage.
Even if you remove the WEB camera from your computer and then insert it again, it will not recover.
This is a complete camera malfunction.
The seminar will start in 15 minutes.


When I check “Video” from the Zoom settings, the image is white and there is a slight noise.

At the seminar last night, it was taken normally …

The WEB camera I was using was Logitech’s C270.

If you only have this webcam, you will not be able to hold this morning’s seminar.

Especially if you are planning a paid seminar, that should never be the case.


For such a case, it may be better to have multiple webcams.

What I always use is a slightly high-performance one that looks beautiful.

In case of emergency, the camera used temporarily is not so good, but it is cheap.

As such an inexpensive camera, Logitech’s C270 is convenient.

If you look at Amazon, you can buy it for about 2000 yen.

If it’s this price, you can keep it in reserve.

This C270 is cheap, but the microphone performance is good, so in my case I use the C922 camera and the C270 microphone.

The WEB camera is also a machine.

You should always think that the machine will break someday.

Don’t panic just before an important seminar so that “someday” can come anytime …

For those who hold online seminars at Zoom, we recommend that you have multiple webcams.



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