Just click on the invitation URL! Why it’s not convenient in Zoom App

Is Zoom convenient because you just click the invitation URL?
Many people can’t click on the invitation URL, so isn’t there a feature like Skype?
Whether it is convenient or not depends on the person’s position.


Unlike Skype, Zoom doesn’t have to account for each other, only the host needs to have an account.

And because participants can join the meeting simply by clicking on the invitation URL sent by the host, Zoom is easier to join than Skype!

So far, I’ve explained it that way.


But at today’s Zoom Beginners Seminar, is that convenience useful for everyone? I was noticed.

Can’t you call like Skype because participants can’t click on the invitation URL? I received the question.


What kind of person can’t click the invitation URL?


In this case, it was young children like elementary school students.

A teacher in the calligraphy class is now using Skype to teach calligraphy to children, and he attended the Zoom Beginners Seminar to see if he could do it with Zoom.

Skype can call the other party from here, right?

So instead of clicking on the invitation URL, it was better to call the children from here to connect.


That’s true.

It can be difficult to tell small children, ” Click on the invitation URL .”

But even Zoom can call it like Skype and get them to join the meeting.

I think there are many people who don’t know this.

Neither the Zoom Beginners Seminar nor the Zoom Organizer Seminar has done this.


There are two ways to think about calling someone with Zoom.


  1. Call the other party when the meeting is not up.
    At that point, a meeting room is created and the other party joins the meeting room.
  2. Call the other party with the meeting room set up in advance.
    Invite them to participate in the meeting room.

To do this, we need to prepare and set each other.

The way of thinking and setting are almost the same as Skype.


  • In Zoom, which window should be opened and which item should be checked?
  • What kind of preparation is required to make a call?
  • What is the actual procedure for calling?


I will explain in detail in the next article.



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