Language setting when using Zoom in the browser

If you can’t or don’t want to install Zoom on your computer, you can use Zoom in your browser.

At that time, the Zoom screen may be in English.

Here’s how to change this language setting.


First, click the invitation URL, and when the browser displays the “Open Zoom Meetings?” Pop-up, if you want to use Zoom in your browser, click ” Cancel “.

Here you can select the language from the link in the upper right.

” Participation from the browser and click”.


You will be prompted to enter the name you want to use on Zoom, but again you can select the language from ” Language ” at the bottom right.

You can join Zoom in your browser by clicking the “Join” button.

You cannot change the language on this screen.

Also, if you are signed in to your account, click ” Edit ” in the ” Language” column on the profile screen.

If you select a language and click ” Save Changes “, it will be reflected in the language when you use Zoom in the browser.


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