Let’s do it before making a homepage

Let’s do this theme before making a homepage.

It’s not just about Zoom, but most internet businesses need it.

Yes, it’s a website.

It’s a so-called homepage.

In detail, the website is not the homepage, but it is easier to convey if you write it as the homepage, so I will write it as the homepage.

If you create a homepage, don’t expect it to automatically bring you customers.

I made as many homepages as I could, and even if I visited them, there were only a few per day.

If you have a homepage anyway, you want a lot of customers to come, right?

This time, I will give you some points to be aware of when you want to have such a homepage.

Let’s do a thorough preliminary survey before creating the homepage


Have you heard of it?

The words red ocean and blue ocean.

Red Ocean is a market with a lot of competition and high difficulty, and Blue Ocean is a market with little competition and low difficulty, so it is difficult to make a homepage depending on which market your business belongs to. It will change a lot.

But just because it’s a blue ocean doesn’t mean it’s all right.

While Red Ocean has a lot of competition and high customer awareness, Blue Ocean becomes an oligopoly if it is recognized, but it is often not recognized at first.

In other words, it may take time and money to connect needs and business before results are obtained.

Therefore, when you start first, instead of attacking from a place that is not recognized at all, attacking the part where there is a predecessor and there is a certain need but the predecessor feels that he is not doing well leads to quick results. It’s often easy.

However, there are times when the business that I thought was Red Ocean was actually Blue Ocean.

The reason why such a thing happens is that even if the business is the same, there are many patterns of cuts.

Let’s take a look.

What are the criteria for using the service?

To change the story suddenly, for example, what made you decide on the product on Amazon?

Is it the price? Is it an evaluation? Is it a reliable manufacturer?

But is there anything you see before you see the evaluation?

Yes, is the product selling?

In other words, it is a sales ranking.


I think that many people choose the ones that have a good balance of evaluation and price from the ones that sell well.

However, even if this ranking is one product, several genres can be set.

If you set the genre well, even if it is not a big deal in terms of sales, you can be ranked first in a certain genre.

In other words, there is a high possibility of becoming a purchase candidate.

So what are the criteria for using web services?

I think this is also 10 people and 10 colors.

However, isn’t it whether or not it came out when searching the net that occupies a large weight among them?

To be clear, most of the services that are not displayed on the first page of the search end without being seen in the first place.

It’s the same as buying a product on Amazon.

Then, in the same way, web services should change genres and get into the top rankings.

In the case of a web service, the business genre = needs = cut = search keyword.

Even if you take one business, there are as many cuts as there are situations in which customers are placed.

Search for as many keywords as you can think of.

In that case, don’t forget to search by keywords that incorporate different perspectives instead of one perspective.

And if the site displayed when you search with that search keyword has a solid answer to the search keyword, it is Red Ocean.

It is better to stop attacking with that keyword or create an advertising-based site that is not affected by search.

However, on rare occasions, there are sites that do not have a clear answer to their needs.

If such sites are lined up, it can be said that there is room for attacking Blue Ocean.

Search sites are also smart, so sites that clearly provide an answer to your needs are more likely to appear at the top even if you post them later.

If it is displayed well at the top, chances are coming.

If it doesn’t look right, it’s possible that, like any other site, the answer to your needs is weak or you’ve made a mistake.

Let’s review it.

When creating a homepage like this, let’s first be aware of sites that meet specific needs = keywords.


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