Let’s hold a webinar (webinar) at Zoom-Options-

After creating a Zoom webinar, set optional items

This time, we will start from the state where the meeting scheduling is completed in the previous article ( Let’s hold a webinar (webinar) at Zoom-Settings- ).

At the bottom of the screen, there was a setting edit menu for each option.

This time, I will explain those items.



From this item, you can set invitations to be sent to panelists (lecturers other than yourself) and general participants who will participate in the webinar.

Let’s look at it from above.

Invite panelists

Click Edit to the right of Invite Panelists.

Then the next screen will appear.


Please check the check below the image when you want to automatically send an invitation to the newly added panelist.


Enter the information of the panelist as shown in the image and click Save.

I did not check the automatic transmission part this time.


After saving, click the edit button again to open the screen above.

I didn’t send the invitation earlier, but the one on the right is resent.

This is a specification, so you don’t have to worry about it, so click the resend button when you want to send it.

Invite participants

This item contains the maximum number of customers who can participate in the webinar and the information (URL) when inviting participants.

When you send an email by yourself, copy this address and send it.

If you copy the invitation, it will come out as a template provided by Zoom, so it is good to customize it and send it (although there are many extra items if you simply send it … ).


Click Edit to the right of the Approval item.

If you do so, items that can be set when opening a webinar that requires pre-registration will appear.


If you want to enable this feature , check the required registration .

Then the items will be added as follows.

Registration tab


Automatic approval and manual approval are whether to automatically pass the participation information to the participants at the time of application.

If there are people who are having trouble with lottery or participation, it is better to manually approve and send them individually later.

Tracking pixels are used for analytics.

Prepare two images made in 1×1 pixel size on your own web server, and enter the URL of each here.

Then , the number of people who accessed the registration page = the number of images 1 loaded, the number of people who accessed the registration success page = the number of images 2 loaded, and you can see how many visitors were there to participate. It will be like.

The other items have the same meaning, so check the necessary parts and click Save All.

Question tab

On the Question tab, you can select which item to enter in the recruitment form you set earlier.

Your email address is required by nature, so you don’t have to choose anything here.

Once you have selected the necessary items, save everything.


Custom question tab

The Custom Questions tab allows you to add your own questions.


Click on a new question to add it, so add the items you need.


After entering, click Create and repeat as many times as you need.

Email settings


In the mail settings, it is possible to set the mail to be sent to the participants in advance.

Click Edit to the right of the item you want to change.

Here, we will explain from the invitation email to the panelists.

Invitation email to panelists


This is whether to send an invitation email to the panelists.

If there are other people who will give a lecture, it is a good idea to turn this on.

Confirmation email to registrant


If you check Send confirmation email to the registrant, the screen will expand and it will be as above.

There are a lot of extra items, and those who just want to participate can be confused, so I don’t usually turn it on.

Reminder emails to participants and panelists


As the name suggests, a reminder email is an email that says, “Don’t you forget it? It’s coming soon.”

Webinar attendance tends to be lower than at venues.

The sad part of the webinar is that it is easy to participate, but it is also easy to not participate.

One of the reasons is that it’s completely on the web, so it’s easy to disappear from memory.

It’s sadder.

So be sure to send a reminder email when you hold a webinar.

By setting this, the mail will be sent at the specified timing and it will be streamed, but for the same reason as before, I try to send it myself.

Follow-up emails for participants and follow-up emails for absentees

Both are the same in content, so I will write them together, but in both cases you can set the email to be sent at the specified timing after the webinar ends.

Gratitude to the participants and information on their services

Let’s expect the next participation by sending a disappointing feeling and a request to participate again to the non-participants instead of resentment.



Branding is an option that allows us to display banners and logos on our services.

By setting banners and logos in advance, they will be reflected in notifications and emails so that you can feel a more sophisticated webinar.


Post-webinar surveys are a feature that allows participants to display a survey page in their browsers after the webinar is over.

This is not a Zoom page, but create a questionnaire form in advance using your own site or form creation service, and register the URL there.

If you do a questionnaire at a later date, the collection rate will deteriorate, so please fill it out promptly before the heat of the seminar cools down.



If you want to use the voting function during the Zoom webinar, set this in advance.

The setting method is very easy.

If you click Add on the right, the following screen will appear. Simply enter your choices and click the Save button.


If you do so, one voting item will be added as shown below, so please prepare the required number during the seminar in advance.

If you want to increase the number of votes after the second one, just click the add button on the right and do the same.



Question-and-answer session

This is usually the default for the Q & A yesterday settings available in the webinar


If you want to edit, press Edit on the right to switch to the editable screen as shown below, so change to the desired settings and press Save.




You don’t have to worry about it here.

If your company has Pardot installed, you can use it.

Live stream delivery


Live stream distribution is a function that allows simultaneous distribution to each streaming distribution service in parallel.

Zoom webins can work with Facebook, Workplace, and YouTube, making parallel live streaming a breeze.

Details of this will be explained in the distribution section that will be released at a later date.


How about that?

There are too many items and it’s complicated! !!

I’m sure there are people who say that, but this is basically an option item setting.

At the very least, if you understand the invitation part, you can hold an orthodox webinar, so copy the URL and send it to the customer as you would a meeting.

And don’t forget to send us a reminder email when the date approaches! !!

It’s been a long time, so I’ll write the Zoom webinar distribution in the next article.


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