Let’s hold a webinar (webinar) with Zoom-Settings-

What is a webinar?

Maybe some people have never heard of the word webinar in the first place .

No wonder. Webinar is a coined word that combines the web and seminars .

That is simply the webinar web seminar is that of.


Zoom is originally a system for meetings.

Things you need for meetings but not for webins …

What do you think it is?

It may be a video or voice of a participant (audience).

If the faces of an unspecified number of participants appear on the screen one by one, everyone will be worried, right?

Yes, for those who want to hold such a webinar, Zoom offers a webinar add-on as an optional service for those who hold seminars.

However, please note that this is an optional service for those who have already subscribed to a paid plan, so basic plans that do not have a paid plan contract such as professional, business, education, etc. cannot apply .

Add webinar add-ons to Zoom

It’s easy to add.

After logging in to Zoom and opening My Page, click on payment in the bar on the left.


Then click the add button to the right of the webinar from the add-ons list.


The usage fee for the webinar add-on varies depending on the participants.

A minimum plan of 100 participants is $ 40 / month , and a maximum of 10,000 people is possible, which is $ 6,490 / month .

In the screenshot, only 500 participants are out, but the plan for 100 people is already contracted, so it is not out.


Well, if you normally hold a webinar, 100 people is enough.

Once selected, click the Continue button below to pay and the addition will be completed.

Schedule webins with Zoom

Now, I think you’ve successfully added the webinar feature to Zoom.

Did you notice that the number of items on the My Page screen has increased?

An item for My Webinar has been added under My Recording.


Unlike meetings, we will be scheduling Zoom webins from here.

Now let’s schedule the webinar from here.

Click the Schedule Webinar button in My Webinar.


Then you will be taken to the screen for scheduling the webinar, so you can set the webinar from here.

Then, I will explain the webinar schedule screen from here.
You can easily schedule a nice webinar by setting it as follows.



Please include the title of the webinar that will be held in an easy-to-understand manner.

Example: Regular seminar sponsored by Zoom Master January

I think you can feel like this.


If there are any supplements to the upcoming webinar, please write them down.

You can leave it blank unless otherwise specified.

Date and time and time required

You can leave the time zone as it is.

If you are going to hold it in Japan, please choose Osaka, Sapporo or Tokyo.

Regular webinar

If you plan to hold a regular event, please check it.

There are options for daily, weekly, monthly, and no fixed time, so choose and then choose a detailed schedule to repeat.


If this is required, participants will also need to log in to Zoom.

Zoom is easy for anyone to join as long as they have a free name and know the URL.

However, if you want to fix who is in the seminar, etc., check here and have them log in.


You can choose what to do with the video from the organizer, such as the host and panelists.

Of course there is no video of the participants.


Normally, there is no problem if you select both.


  • Webinar Password
    If you don’t want anyone to see your password, let us know your password along with the URL and ask them to enter it.
    Combined with user registration, it will be a deterrent to unauthorized participation.
  • Q & A
    Check if necessary in the seminar.
  • Enabling Practical Sessions Practical sessions are about giving the
    organizer and panelists time to practice.
    If you enable the hands-on session, you will be in a rehearsal modewhere you can easily check operations while the participants are blocked .
    When the rehearsal is over, be sure to cancel the hands-on session from the orange bar at the top of the screen so that customers can enter .
  • Automatically record the webinar in the cloud
    The content is as it is, but if you want to record it as soon as you enter it, check this box.

When you’re done, click on the schedule to confirm.


Then I was able to set it like this.

If you plan to hold a similar event, it’s a good idea to save it as a template.

You can omit the input a little.

After that, you can hold a basic webinar by sending the URL to the participants.


How about that?

I think it was surprisingly easy to add add-ons and schedule.

It’s basically the same as scheduling a meeting, so if you’re used to it, it’s okay.

In the next and subsequent articles, we will explain the following items for holding the webinar and the screen for holding the webinar, so please wait for the article to be published.


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