Let’s master Zoom’s chat function

The theme this time seems to be mastering the chat function of Zoom.

As I introduced briefly in this article, this time it will be a detailed version of the chat function.

Chat is one of the features that you should be able to use before the Zoom meeting.

Please try it out and use it in production if you like.

Enable chat from the Zoom settings screen

First, sign in to the Zoom administration screen.

Then, the following menu will appear on the left.


Select a setting here.


Select a setting to open the setting screen.

Please go to the items that are (basic) in the meeting .

There are setting items for chat-related functions.


The function on the right is ON when the lever is blue, and the function is OFF when it is gray.

The following items should be turned ON here.

” Chat “, ” Chat auto save ” and ” Send file ” at the bottom .

For ” private chat “, leave it off if you don’t want participants to interact with each other.

Chat is now enabled.

There is no save button, so you can move to another page as it is.

Once set, the settings will remain, so you don’t need to do this unless you want to change them.

Send a chat to all Zoom participants

Let’s hold a Zoom meeting.

Click on the chat part in the menu bar.


Then the following chat screen will open.


It’s very easy to use, just type a message in the “Enter message here” part and press Enter.


It’s like this.

At that time, participants will be notified as follows.


This is the case when you participate on your smartphone, but you will be notified in the same way on your computer.

How about that?

I think the chat operation itself is simple.

Send a chat to a specific Zoom participant

Now let’s try sending a chat only to specific Zoom participants.


Please click thepart that is “everyone” in this part.


In this way, the participant list opens.

Please select the person you want to send here.

The destination part has changed.

If you send a chat in this state, it will not reach anyone other than that person.


You can also see who you sent it from the chat transmission history.

However, if the participants are known, such as in a membership seminar, this function will be difficult to understand and use if the participants have an appropriate name.

Ask them to enter a name that can be identified to some extent, if not their real name.

Let’s use Zoom’s file transmission function

The chat function includes not only chat but also the function to send and share files.

If this function is turned on at the time of the first setting, there is an item called file transmission.


There is a button called ” File ” on the right side .

This will disappear if you are in private chat, so please return it to ” everyone “.

This is also simple to use.

Click the file button and select your computer.

This will open the file selection screen on your computer, so all you have to do is select the desired file and open it.


You can send image files and various files like this.

It is convenient because you can also send seminar materials with a large file size.

However, it seems that you cannot send things that are close to 1GB, such as videos, so please do not send things that exceed the size.

Also, unfortunately, you cannot cancel the transmission, so be careful not to make a mistake when sending.



How was it related to chat?

By using the chat item, for example, you can communicate when the participant’s microphone is having trouble, so be sure to get used to it.

Also, it would be nice to have a file transmission function anyway.

If you use it together with screen sharing, the meeting should be easier to understand.

However, it is necessary to get used to chatting while broadcasting, so please try using it several times before the actual performance to get used to it.


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