Let’s update the application of Zoom for PC

This time, it is an item that you may not have been aware of in how to use Zoom.

Something like updating the Zoom program.

The next screen is the screen when the Zoom application is opened from the PC.

Of course, you have already logged in.


At the top, the blue text says ” New version is available. Update “.

This is a sign that a new version of the Zoom application is available, so download and use it.

Basically, you can expect to improve usability, security, and fix bugs by upgrading the version, so if you have time, I would like to do it promptly.

This time it’s easy, but I’ll write how to update it.

How to update the Zoom application

It’s easy to update.

Let’s click the update part of ” New version is available. Update ” earlier .


The content related to the update will come out like this.

However, since it is full of English, people who can read it can read it, but most people just click the update button.

The download will start with this screen.

And when the download is completed, the place that was updated earlier will change to installation.


If you want to update, just click Install.

This will close the Zoom application once.

But don’t rush and wait.

After a short wait, the Zoom application will launch again.


Don’t worry, the screen goes black only because it reflects the dark mode you’re setting on my Mac.

The version upgrade was completed like this, and the update information mentioned above disappeared.

How to check for Zoom application updates

There is also a way to check for updates, regardless of the update button above.

If you look at the upper right of the application screen, you can see the profile picture that is being set.


Please click there.

This photo was taken when logged in with the free version of Zoom account.

If you log in with a paid version of ZoomPro account, “Pro” will not be displayed where ” Basic “ is displayed, and “Upgrade to Pro” below will not be displayed.


Now select ” Confirm Upgrade “.

Then, the upgrade version will be downloaded and the Zoom application update will be completed in the same procedure as described in the previous item.

You can also check the version after the update is completed in this procedure.

Let’s choose Confirm upgrade again after update.


If it is the latest version, the installed version will be displayed in this way, so if you want to check it, follow this procedure.


As I myself do, things that can be used without an upgrade tend to postpone the upgrade process without any attractive upgrades.

But once in a while, is there an update?

Please remember about this and try this work.

However, one thing to note is that even if you make a mistake, it will not be updated at the timing of distribution with Zoom from now on.

It is the same as upgrading the OS of a personal computer, and it is not always zero that the software cannot be used or it takes time due to compatibility with the personal computer.

Let’s pay close attention to this point and continue more stable distribution.


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