Let’s use Zoom more conveniently by linking with Google Calendar

What kind of browser do you use when using the Internet on your computer?

In the old days, most people used IE (standard browser for Windows).

However, there is data that more than 50% of Japanese users now use Google Chrome.

This is a summary of different versions of Chrome, but it can be said that most people are using Chrome.

So, this time I will write how to schedule Zoom using Google Calendar for Chrome users.

Download the Zoom extension for your browser and make it available in Chrome

First of all, you need to make Zoom available in Chrome.

Download the Zoom extension for your browser from the download link on the official site below.


When the page opens, please go down a little.

You should see something like this:


Click for Chrome to the left of these two buttons to jump to the download page.

* The button on the right is for Firefox, which is a type of browser like Chrome.
If you find this more convenient, please use this.


When I actually click it, I think that a screen like this opens.

Click the blue button “Add to Chrome” in the upper right to add Zoom to your browser features.


An alert like this will appear, so click “Add Extension” .


When you’re done, you’ll see a screen like this.

This completes the addition of the Zoom extension for the browser.

Try using the Zoom extension for browsers

First of all, start from the option setting of Zoom

Let’s use it as soon as the function addition is completed.

Take a look at the top right corner of your Chrome browser.

Can you see the Zoom mark added?

When you press here, the next login screen will appear.


Please enter the email address and password registered in Zoom here.

When you’re done, click the “Sign In Button” below .

Yes, login is complete.

The blue button on this screen is the button for scheduling the meeting.

Below is the button to start as it is without scheduling.

Click “Start a Meeting” below and you should see something like this:


“With Video Off” starts with no video and “With Video On” starts with video.

It may be confusing because it is written in English, but the basic operation is the same as when operating from the Zoom website or application, so please do not rush.

Now go back one step and click the blue button “Schedule a Meeting” above .


This is the edit page of the settings when scheduling from the Chrome browser.

You will always be asked when you start up for the first time, so please enter each item.

If you want to change it after the initial setting, right-click the Zoom icon and the following menu will appear. Select the option in this and this screen will appear again.


Then, I will explain in order from the top.

Meeting ID: Meeting ID

  • One-time Meeting ID: Set a different ID each time
  • Use Personal Meeting ID: Fixed by personal meeting ID

Video: Video:

  • Host: Whether the video is turned on or off when the host joins the meeting
  • Participant: Whether to turn the video on or off when a participant joins the meeting

Audio: Select audio

  • Telephony: Join by phone line
  • Computer Audio: Join with computer voice
  • Both: You can participate in either

Options: Other settings

  • Require meeting password Require password
    when attending a meeting
  • Enable join before host Allow
    participants to enter the meeting room before the host
  • Mute participants upon entry Make
    sure participants are muted when joining a meeting
  • Enable waiting room
    to enable the waiting room
  • Record the meeting automatically on the local computer
    Enable automatic recording of meetings
    * If you log in with a professional Zoom account or higher, you will also be able to select cloud recording.
  • Include join URL in location field
    Display invitation URL in Google Calendar

Allow me to specify meeting options each time: Whether to change this setting every time

It is as above.

It’s complicated because it’s in English, but what you’re asked is the same as the normal Zoom meeting creation screen, so there is no problem if you keep the same settings as usual.

Click “Save and Continue” to save.

This completes the preparations.

Let’s actually schedule Zoom

Now that the preparations are complete, let’s schedule a meeting right away.

It’s so easy that this commentary is also simple.

First, open Google Calendar.


It is a blank calendar with nothing in it.

Now, place the cursor on the day you want to hold here and click.


Yes, I think a menu like this has appeared.

Since the date chose of course the day has entered automatically, after the ” put the title “, ” add time” and, “Make it a Zoom Meeting” just click on.

It ’s easy, is n’t it?


I entered it properly, but I was able to schedule the meeting like this.

You can also see the URL for attending the meeting.

All you have to do is send this to the participants! !!


How was that?

Once you’ve made the initial settings, you can now easily schedule meetings with just a few clicks.

By the way, the meeting created here is naturally reflected in Zoom.


Something like this.

Of course, you can edit as usual.

It is especially convenient for those who hold numbers.

Please make use of it and have a smoother Zoom life.


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