Look here when Zoom tells you that the mic isn’t turned on

I wrote about howling in this article earlier in the microphone trouble.

Preventing Zoom Microphone Trouble-Using the Microphone Correctly to Make Zoom Comfortable-


This time, the microphone trouble is different from howling.

This is an article I would like you to read in advance in case you are told that the microphone is not turned on .

Isn’t this the one with the highest probability of getting impatient with Zoom?

It’s still easy to solve the problem that your microphone doesn’t come in, but if the other person’s microphone doesn’t come in, you can only understand the situation by chatting, so it’s difficult to solve.

There is nothing you can do about physical problems such as a broken microphone or a computer malfunction just because you know the cause, but if something goes wrong with the settings, I want to resolve it quickly and concentrate on the meeting.

So, this time, I will focus on what I want you to see early when the

Zoom’s mic settings are excellent


In the first place, Zoom’s mic settings are actually excellent.

That’s because if you have a valid microphone, you can connect to it and use it.

For example, if you’re using it on a laptop, it usually comes with a built-in microphone and speakers.

If so, you can use the built-in microphone and speaker without doing anything.

Let’s say you have a Bluetooth headset connected.

If you do so, the screen will show that you are going to use the headset and you will be connected.

In this way, there are many things that are basically OK without doing anything.

Let’s check what is the cause of the microphone not connecting


As I wrote earlier, it’s basically OK to do nothing, but sometimes microphone troubles occur.

So what is the cause?

Let’s take a look.

The first thing to check is the microphone mute

The first thing to check on the Zoom screen is this mic mute.

It’s simple, but it’s surprisingly easy to forget.


If it looks like this, it’s simply that the microphone is muted.

Click the unmute mark to enable the microphone.


It is OK in this state.

If that doesn’t work, click the ∧ mark next to the microphone .


In this way, the microphones and speakers that can be used now are listed.

There is a check next to the one that is currently enabled, so if this is not the case, click on the microphone you want to use and select it.

If the microphone you want to use doesn’t appear here, or if you can’t use it even though you’ve selected it, see the next item.

Zoom refuses to access the microphone during the first launch

Can I allow access to the Zoom microphone when launching Zoom? May be asked.

Of course, you can change the setting later, but it’s annoying, so be sure to click OK at this time.

If you do not select OK here, Zoom will not be able to access the microphone in the first place, so you will not be able to use it.

If you refuse, please use the method that suits your computer.

The microphone cannot be connected to the computer

Since a personal computer is a machine, it sometimes breaks.

This is often the case with wired pin jack connections, but there are things like poor connections due to the effects of plugging and unplugging.

If you do so, your computer will not be able to recognize the microphone in the first place, so it will not appear in the list of usable microphones.

The same is true if you accidentally insert the microphone into the earphone hole.

If you suspect a poor connection, try plugging in another microphone and see if it works.

If you can’t use any microphone, it may be a terminal problem.

In that case, you may be able to avoid it by taking a method other than pin jack, such as trying a USB or wireless microphone.

If it is a wired microphone, various failures such as disconnection

If you have been using a PC microphone for a long time for distribution such as Zoom, you will agree, but the microphone is a consumable item.

This is not the case with commercial-use microphones that have solid cords, but simple microphones that are sold at online shops for around 1,000 yen are unexpectedly exhausting.

I bought it the other day, but it’s broken, so make sure you have a spare microphone.

If you insert a spare and it works, it should suspect a microphone failure.

If wireless, the battery is dead

The Bluetooth earphone / microphone can be used for a relatively long time on a single charge.

However, there are cases where even if you think you have charged it, it was not actually done.

If the audio is interrupted suddenly, look at the connected microphone.

If the Bluetooth earphone / microphone is off and switched to something else, suspect the battery is dead.

Let’s test the audio

A cane that won’t fall.

I’ve written the countermeasures so far, but if you are uneasy before the Zoom meeting starts, let’s test the audio.

The procedure is as follows.


Click Test Speakers & Microphones .


Then the music will play.

Click ” Yes ” when you hear it .

If there is no sound, it means that the speaker settings are not correct.

Select the speaker you want to play sound from the speaker part.

If you click “Yes”, the microphone confirmation screen will appear as shown below.


Please talk about something.

It has been recorded, so if the content is played back, there is no problem with the microphone.

If it doesn’t play, select the microphone you want to use from the microphone as you did with the speaker.

Hopefully click ” Yes ” as well .


If it is done properly at this time, I think that there is no problem even if the production starts.

You can also test the microphone from this audio setting .


Click on the audio settings and the following screen will open.


There is an item called test for each, so please click to test.


What did you think?

Most mic troubles apply to these cases.

If you can’t help it, try restarting the computer itself.

If the contact is not bad, it can often be cured by restarting.


If this side is in perfect condition, there may be a problem with the other speaker.

Because of the time and the other party, I get impatient when such a machine trouble occurs, but please be patient and troubleshoot.

In fact, it may break down only when the advance preparation is omitted because it was used yesterday.

Sometimes the Bluetooth earphone / microphone broke down when I was actually broadcasting on Zoom.

I’d like to have spares for the minimum equipment such as microphones so that I don’t have to rush in such an emergency.


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