Meeting without host in zoom! Why is that so? And what happens?

The other day, I was attending a meeting.
As the topic came to an important point, I thought it was better to record.
So, I suggested, “Let’s record this,” but no one can record.
Curiously, when I look at the list of participants …
no one is the host!
Why does that happen?
What should I have done in advance?


Zoom can hold meetings even in the absence of a host.

In a meeting scheduled by the account owner , participants can join the meeting without a host if ” Enable previous host participation ” is checked.

At that time, if you look at the participant list, you can see that the host is absent.

In such a case, if you want to use a function that can only be used by the host, click the “Participants” button, and then click the ” Request Host ” button in the window that displays the list of participants .

The host key can be viewed by the account owner from the “My Profile” page.

Click “View” in the host key field to display a 6-digit number.

This is the host key

This is useful to tell someone who will support you when you usually hold a Zoom meeting.

In the unlikely event that you cannot attend the meeting, that person can host the meeting instead.

This host key can be changed at any time.



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