Meetings from Webex Desk Hub

Webex Desk Hub provides you with a number of ways in which you can participate in your online meetings. There are a number of options you can choose from in this article.

In order to maximize the benefits of the Desk Hub and the Cisco Desk Camera 4K feature, you must connect the Cisco Desk Camera 4K to the Desk Hub and connect two displays – a secondary display and an external display.

Headset users take note: In order to make sure your Cisco Headset 730 is charged, you must place it in the docking station first. There is no need to disable this behavior in Cisco Headsets’ mobile app in order for this to happen. It is the default behaviour.

In order to host a Webex meeting, you can choose between two types:

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  • Webex Personal Room meetings—It is a perfect tool for spontaneous or unscheduled meeting. Your calendar does not show that the meeting has been scheduled. Since the URL of the meeting never changes, you would be better off sharing it with your coworkers.

    When you are in Personal mode, you will only be able to access your personal room. Learn more about starting meetings with a personal mode device in the Start a Personal Room Meeting section

    Personal mode and hotdesking are the only modes that allow you to access your personal room.

  • Scheduled meetings—Recurring meetings are great with this tool. The Webex App allows you to schedule meetings and the meeting appears on your calendar. Several minutes before the meeting begins, you receive an email notification. You receive notifications from your personal calendar if you are in Personal mode or Hotdesking. Shared mode is the preferred mode when you would like to receive notifications regarding the rooms’ agenda.

    The Webex App can be used to book meetings; click here for more information.

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The Join Webex feature also allows you to participate in meetings from the Desk Hub. Please refer to the Cisco Webex Board, Room, or Desk Device User Guide or the Cisco Webex Staff Guide for more information.

Desk Hub does not support the best overview feature.

A Webex meeting consists of a number of features, which can be summarized in the following table.

Table 1. Webex Desk Hub in-meeting features

Mute an UnmuteTap and mute your audio. Tap again and go off mute.
Start video and Stop videoTap if you want to appear on camera.

Cisco Desk Camera 4K has a privacy shutter on the front of the camera. Slide the shutter to the right and open it.
ShareTap and share information from your laptop with the other people on the call. Your share options are as follows:

Wired sharing with a USB-C cable—Connect your Desk Hub to your laptop with your USB-C cable.

ReactTap and select from one of the emoticons if you want to react to something said.
Lock meetingTap to block uninvited guests from entering your meeting. This is available for the host only.
MoreTap to access additional features. The More button lists additional features, which can vary from meeting to meeting. But examples include the following features:

Record—Record your meeting for reference later.

Assistant—Enable Webex Assistant and use voice commands during your meeting.

Microphone options—Adjust your microphone.

Add—Add another person.
Leave meetingTap and leave your meeting when you are finished.
LayoutTap to change your screen layout.
SelfviewTap and check your appearance on your external monitor before you go into a call or meeting.

You can tap Virtual backgrounds if you want to have a little privacy.
ParticipantsTap to see a list of everyone in your meeting as well as the people invited.
Down arrowLocated in the top let hand corner of your screen, the Down arrow takes you back to your desktop.
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Join a scheduled meeting

You will receive a notification when a meeting is about to commence if your Webex Desk Hub is connected to an online calendar.

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If you do not know what to do, try these:

  • Joining your Webex meeting is as simple as tapping the Join button.

  • Your Webex meeting can be postponed by tapping the Remind Later button.

  • Your Webex meeting will be rejected once you tap Dismiss.

Use a virtual background

It is sometimes a problem when we have a cluttered workspace, or when we want an unobstructed view of our background during a meeting. It is important to have a virtual background so that people aren’t distracted by what’s going on behind you, and focus on your ideas and words instead.

Sometimes there is not enough blur in the background which may allow sensitive information to be seen by others if the blur has not completely covered the background. At the moment, Virtual Backgrounds is a feature that is currently in the experimental stage.

Personal mode is the only mode that offers this feature. The feature is not available as part of the Shared mode or when you are using Hot Desk mode.

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Before you begin

Ensure that the Virtual Backgrounds option is enabled in Settings > Backgrounds.

  1. Selfview can be accessed by tapping on it.
  2. You will see a virtual background if you tap it.
  3. Choose the background you would like to use.
  • Blurring of the background.

  • If your computer is connected to your device, you can use a computer screen share as the background.

  • Background images are a standard part of any computer.

  • You or your administrator may have uploaded a custom background image in order to personalize your device as long as you are in personal mode.