Only the paid version of Zoom can use the joint host function

It turns out that only the paid version of the host can use the joint host function.

It was a fact that Zoom Academy Japan did not know until now.

From the organizer seminar graduates

“If I try to appoint a co-host, I can’t do that,” he consulted, looked it up, and found out.


In the paid version, you can make a participant a co-host from “Manage Participants” and then “Details” of the target person’s name.

n the free version, the above blue part does not appear.

I was wondering if I should turn on the joint host in “My Meeting Settings”.

In the setting screen of the free version, the following items of co-host were also not found.

(This is a paid version of the screenshot)


Co-hosting is a useful feature.

The host is often full to talk to, so the person appointed as a co-host

This is because the seminar can proceed smoothly while helping the host.

For example, mute management is important to support.



When the free version of the host cannot appoint a co-host

You have to do everything by yourself.

Sometimes the hurdles are high.

Also, the free version is difficult to use for a full-scale seminar because the session expires in 40 minutes.

This may be the point of introducing the paid version.



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