Password request will be the default with Zoom participation from September 29, 2019!

Zoom will update your account’s meeting and webinar password settings on September 29, 2019. Click here for more information or to opt out of this change.

It’s written like this, but it doesn’t make any sense.


In fact, starting September 29, 2019, the default is to be prompted for a password when entering the Zoom meeting room.

You will not be asked for a password when you click on the invitation URL to enter.

However, it seems that a password is required when I enter the meeting ID to join.

It is quite a troublesome setting for those who participate.


The target is

  • Scheduled meeting
  • Instant meeting
  • Personal meeting

Three … In other words, all meetings.


If you want to reject it , click here .

Then you will see a button to reject or approve this update.

If you click ” Approve “, the password request will be the default from September 22nd

I hate that! In that case, I think you should click ” Reject “.


However, the settings will not change for meetings created before September 29th.

When I contacted Zoom, it was a “security issue”, but at Zoom Academy Japan, I have never thought that a password is required because all the seminars and meetings are face-to-face conversations.

I will write an article about what the settings will be after September 29th.



By the way, when I clicked ” Reject “, I selected Reject, so I don’t ask for the password! Will be the message.

After all, if you want to be prompted to enter the password as before , click ” Overwrite “.

Click ” Approve ” and you will see the screen below.

After all, if you do not want to be prompted for the password, click ” Overwrite “.

Whichever you choose, the message will continue to be displayed, so if you want to switch , click ” here ” and then ” overwrite ” to switch between asking for a password and not asking for it.


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