Pay attention to the feeling of control when delivering Zoom

Have you ever heard the word control?

Unlike the job of selling tangible things, what you have to provide to the other party when you are doing the job of selling services is the intangible quality of service, isn’t it?

As long as the item has a shape, no matter how bad the store is, if the item is provided properly, you will get a certain amount of satisfaction.

However, the presence or absence of this sense of control determines whether or not you can be more satisfied when you provide a formless service.

Let’s start with what is a sense of control.

What is a sense of control?


To put it simply, the sense of control is the desire to control things on your own initiative.

Humans are more or less resistant when commanded to do it.

No matter what position the other party wants to do or what he wants to do, this resistance will never be 0 if it is in the form of a command.

Study hard → I was told that I wasn’t motivated

I’m wondering if I was really motivated to “get motivated because I was told” in this case, but this is what actually happens.

It seems that this happened in an experiment on long-term care conducted in the 1970s.

Divide the old people into two groups, one of which the staff decides and moves.

The other is to decide for yourself and let them move.

At this time, it seems that those who decided and moved by themselves had a positive effect on their satisfaction and health condition.

And when I took the data about a year later, I heard that the mortality rate of the old people who had decided everything by the staff was high.

In other words, the desire to control things on your own will affect not only your emotions but also your body.

And this feeling of control is not just when ordered.

Although it is not a command, when the other party has no choice, he also feels that he cannot control it, and his desire is not satisfied.

In other words, giving room to feel that the other party is in control is important for improving satisfaction.

Web distribution such as Zoom tends to take away the sense of control


One thing to keep in mind when distributing to the web such as Zoom is that it is easy to lose this sense of control.

This doesn’t have to be a big deal when you have a meeting or a large lecture in Zoom, but it can happen when you use the small group lesson type.

Speaking of Zoom distribution, the timing when the other party starts talking and the timing when you start talking are affected.

I think that each other has experienced the case of “Ah” and “Please” if they have actually used Zoom.

If you become accustomed to web distribution, you will be able to respond flexibly, but if you are not accustomed to it, you tend to interrupt the other party and say what you want to say unilaterally.

Then, the other person does not feel that he / she has control over the lecture.

In other words, you may not be satisfied with the lecture.

When creating a lecture program, be sure to make room for the other person’s intentions.

The big difference with and without it is the sense of control.

Be aware of your control in any situation


As I wrote at the beginning, it is not limited to Zoom distribution that you need to be aware of the sense of control.

This is the case in any case, as long as you have to provide satisfaction to the “other party”.

The example of a restaurant is often said.

In the case of a relatively reasonable store, if you leave the plate after you finish eating, you will say “I will lower it” and bring it with you.

The real intention is to promptly lower the turnover rate of customers if they stay longer.

However, even if you lower it, there are some shops that ask you, “Are you sure you want to lower it?”

In this example, the later “Are you sure you want to lower it?” Gives the other party the right to decide.

In other words, it is a way of saying with a sense of control.

As a result, customers will say “yes” or “no” on their own initiative.

Even if the store thinks the same thing, “Go home,” I said it’s okay to leave the final decision to the customer, so it’s about time to finish.

It is easy for customers to feel positive.


This time I wrote about the feeling of control.

It’s been more than ten years since I first started seminars and web distribution, but at the beginning, I had a lot of time to program and I wanted to finish this seminar well, so I gave a one-sided lecture. It had become.

However, at one point during the seminar, an accident occurred in which the power of the projector was turned off, and it was not possible to do it as planned.

Since the projector gets hot, once it drops, it can’t be restarted for a reasonable amount of time until it cools down.

So, I changed the program until the projector could be restarted to allow time for dialogue.

At that point, many people said that the dialogue time was good. Lol

It is important to convey 100% of what you want to convey, but it is also important to listen to the intentions of the customers.

I experienced such a thing with myself.

It wasn’t long before I learned the word “control”.

If you want to increase your satisfaction, be aware of the “sense of control”.

With that alone, even if the lecture content is the same, it will be upgraded.


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