Post-attendee URL in zoom App

After Zoom participants leave a Zoom meeting or webinar, you can redirect them to your organization’s website or take them to a specific page so they can provide follow-up information or for more information. For all meetings on your account, you can specify a post-attendee URL, a default URL for all webinars on your account, and you can also specify a different post-attendee URL per webinar. At the end of the webinar, attendees can also complete a Post Webinar Survey that opens in a new tab or window. This feature can be customized per webinar. We will walk you through the steps necessary to get your post-webinar survey up and running.

The post-attendee URL will be sent to participants once they have joined the meeting or webinar by clicking the join link and left the launching page open.

Participants will see a window in their default browser when they click the join link for a meeting or webinar. Zoom should open automatically and connect the participant to the meeting or webinar if they already have it installed on their computer. Zoom will automatically download if not detected.

Zoom-launching page:

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Participants who leave the launch page open for more than five minutes will be redirected to the post-attendee URL.


  • Vanity URL and Owner or Admin Access to create post-attendee URL for meetings
  • Webinar add-on to set post-attendee URL for your own webinars
  • Owner or Admin Access to set post attendee URL for all webinars on account
  • Zoom desktop client for Windows, Mac, or Linux

Setting the post-attendee URL

For all meetings on your account

Admins and owners of accounts have the option of setting a post-attendee URL for meetings held by their users. The branding page and a vanity URL must be approved for your account. Meeting post-attendee URLs cannot be set independently by each user.

  • Zoom will ask you to sign in with your email address and password.
  • Select Advanced then Branding from the menu.
  • Select Meetings and Webinars from the list.
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  • Enter the URL that you want attendees redirected to in the Meeting Post Attendee URL field.

  • Press the Save button.

For all webinars on your account

Admins and account owners can set the default post-attendee URL for all webinars held by their users under their accounts. Within the webinar settings, the webinar host can change the post-attendee URL to a page of their choosing.

  • Log into Zoom’s web portal.
  • Under Account Management, click Webinar Settings.
  • Click Edit beside Post Attendee URL.

  • Enter your desired URL here.
  • Then click Save.

For an individual webinar

  • Zoom’s web portal is available for sign-in.
  • Go to Webinars on the navigation bar.
  • You can set the post-attendee URL by clicking on the topic of the webinar.

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  • Click on the Branding tab after you have selected the topic.
  • On the Edit Attendee URL section, click the Edit button.

  • You will then be able to enter the URL that you would like attendees to be directed to.
  • Click the Save button.