Pre-configuring SIP/H.323 in zoom App

SIP/H.323 pre-configuration allows account owners and admins to customize the default video layout and set DTMF tones for when H.323 or SIP devices join the meeting via Room Connector. When a Zoom meeting is joined, users will be able to change the video layout or enter DTMF tones using the device keypad.

How to pre-configure SIP/H.323 for Room Connectors

  1. Connectors
  2. Connectors.
  3. Click Room Management in the navigation menu.
  4. Choose H.323/SIP.
  5. Go to Configure.
  6. Select one of the following:
    • Display Name on videos:
      • Active User Only: Displays only the active user’s name.
      • Show All: Displays all users‘ names.
      • Hide All: Hides all user names from view.
    • The display settings are:
      • Use the default video layout as a gallery.
      • Make the video full-screen by selecting it.
      • Display the current speaker by selecting the video.
    • Select the following to join:
      • Join as a presenter.
      • As an attendee who is unable to speak, join a meeting.
    • Enter the DTMF tone to be sent automatically upon joining the meeting, to select a particular setting. Find out which DTMF tones are available.
    • Pre-approved devices can bypass the waiting room if they are pre-approved.
      • SIP/H.323 Rooms managed by Zoom Connector- Managed devices will be pre-approved to bypass the Waiting Room.
      • SIP/H.323 devices by IP address- Devices using the specified IP addresses, or addresses within the specified range, will be pre-approved when joining the Waiting Room.
      • SIP/H.323 devices with the specific public certificates- This allows the uploading of a certificate that will be used to verify if a device has been pre-approved.
  7. Click Save.
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