Preventing Zoom Microphone Trouble-Using the Microphone Correctly to Make Zoom Comfortable-

This time, I will introduce how to prevent microphone troubles in the Zoom setting environment. In order to hold a seminar at Zoom with high quality, it is important to know the microphone trouble and prevent it in advance.

Howling is the most common cause of microphone trouble. If howling occurs, it will continue to be howling throughout the Zoom seminar if it is not resolved properly.

In order to solve the microphone problem, it is necessary to understand what is causing the situation.

To prevent such a situation, let’s know and solve the microphone trouble in this article.

Zoom Microphone Trouble-Howling and Countermeasures-


Howling is one of the most annoying microphone problems. Have you ever heard a sound like “keen” or “bo” when using a microphone, not just Zoom?

Listening to that sound makes me want to close my ears, and if I have earphones on, I want to remove them immediately. I don’t think anyone can hear that sound in a straightforward manner.

Why does this howling occur?

Causes of howling

When the microphone and speaker are in the same space, such as in a karaoke box, gymnasium, or hall, the microphone may pick up the sound emitted from the speaker in addition to the voice of the person using the microphone.

The microphone picks up the sound generated from the speaker, and the speaker emits a louder sound. Also, the loud sound is picked up by the microphone, the amplifier amplifies it, and the speaker further loudens … Such repetition is the cause of howling.

By creating a loop state with microphone → amplifier → speaker → microphone → amplifier → speaker, that “keen” sound or “bow” sound is generated.

This is the howling mechanism.

This can happen even if you are using Zoom.

Be careful when using Zoom if you have separate microphones and speakers. If the speaker is loud, your microphone will pick it up.

The sound will be louder through the amplifier, louder and diffused from the speakers, and into your microphone …

That’s right, the loop I explained earlier occurs.

How to prevent microphone howling with Zoom

To prevent howling, it is necessary to break the sound loop between the speaker and microphone. In other words, you can prevent howling by lowering the volume of the speaker.

It is also possible to prevent howling by setting the microphone volume to zero. For seminars, muting the microphone is basically a solution for participants to some extent.

Click the mute button on the left side of the toolbar to mute, or mute, the volume of your microphone.


While the microphone is muted, the display changes as follows.


Please use it if necessary.

However, the person who is the host may have a hard time responding because he / she uses speakers in addition to speaking.

Both cannot be set to zero volume, and if they are too low, participants will not hear. If the microphone volume is turned down too much, participants will not be able to hear their voice.

It is a countermeasure against howling, but it does not lead to improvement in satisfaction when using Zoom, which is essential.

A strong ally to solve Mike’s howling problem! Comfortable Zoom with a headset

To solve the howling problem, it was important to prevent the sound loop between the microphone and the speaker. The best way to achieve this is with a headset.

A headset is a set of microphone and earphones or headphones. Imagine a call center person using it in a commercial. That’s it!

Headsets allow the sound coming out of the speakers to reach only your ears, so that sound almost never reaches the microphone.

In addition, you can set the volume of the sound to suit you, so you don’t have to worry about the surrounding sounds.

It’s a big advantage for the organizer!

However, when using the headset, be careful not to let your breath get into the microphone. If you breathe into the microphone, other people will pick up your breath and you will always hear a mysterious noise. Bitter smile

This is the recommended headset for Zoom, a partner that prevents howling!

You can choose your favorite headset as long as it is not very inferior.

It’s enough to choose the top Amazon popularity rankings according to your budget.

Most of the price range is around 2,000 to 4,000 yen. Please choose the one you like.

In addition, I recommend this product.



The price as of March 1, 2018 is as low as 700 yen, but you can use it firmly.

Differences depending on the connector part of the headphones

There are three types of connectors for headsets:


・ A type in which the microphone and earphone outlets are bifurcated.

-Type with only one connector

-USB type connector


I will explain each of them.


Bifurcated type

This type is used by inserting it into the microphone terminal (red or pink) and earphone terminal (green) of a personal computer.

There is no need to prepare additional equipment, so insert it into each color and use it.

As I introduced earlier, this product is this type.


Type with only one connector

Like headphones, this type has only one connector. For example, this type is applicable.



A conversion plug is required for this type. You should prepare this type of conversion plug.


Conversion adapter cable for Sanwa Supply headset (4 pole female- > 3 pole male x2) Black KM-A24-005


USB type connector

This type of thing can be used with a headset by plugging it into a USB connector.

The USB port is relatively easy to understand, so you won’t have to worry about how to use it. Such products are applicable.



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