Problems and points to note when using a fixed meeting ID

Fixed meeting IDs are very useful when used by fixed members.
However, this time, I had a problem.


When you want to use a fixed meeting ID to create a meeting room where participants can enter the meeting room first and wait.

For some reason, even if I set it so that I could enter and wait first, I was forced to wait because the organizer was not open.

The settings should not be wrong! I did not understand even after various investigations.


In “My Meeting Settings”, “Join in front of host” is ON.

In this state, someone other than the host will be kept waiting even if they try to join a fixed meeting.


In such a case, create a dummy schedule with a fixed meeting ID.

Be sure to check the following two in the settings when scheduling.

  • Enable pre-host participation
  • Use personal meeting ID1

I don’t know why, but I solved it this way.



Once you have created this, you can safely delete this schedule.

As it is, a person other than the host can enter the fixed meeting ID and wait.


However, you need to be careful about this.


People other than the host can use this meeting ID to hold their own meetings.


Of course.

I think it’s easy to understand if you think about it in the real world.

If you open the rental conference room to everyone, you can use it freely, and someone can hold a seminar using the rental conference room.

If you can use it for that, there is no problem …


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