Profile images can now be changed during zoom meetings

The profile image is displayed when “Stop video” is set in Zoom.

Until now, this profile image could only be set in the “profile” of


This means that you will only see your profile picture if you have signed in to your account with the Zoom app.


With the January 19, 2020 version update, you can add/change your profile image during a meeting without having to visit

During the Zoom meeting, if you click “…” in the upper right corner of your video, a menu will appear, and the item “Edit profile image” will appear.

* However, this item is not displayed if you are not signed in to your account using the Zoom app.

Click “Edit profile image” to set the profile image.

Click Change Photo and select the image you want to use for your profile picture from your computer.

You can set the size of the image with the “+” and “-” indicators below the image.

Click “Save” to set your profile picture.


If you can set the image during the meeting, you can use it for a little message.

For example, change the profile image and then turn off the video…

I can have a little tea.

 can’t show up because I’m in the pack!

Please try various fun ways like this.



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