Provide or request remote control in Webex Meetings, Webex Events (classic), Webex Webinars, and Webex Training sessions

The desktop application allows you to share your screen with a partner by giving them access to your keyboard and mouse so that they can manipulate your computer while you are sharing your screen. When someone is sharing their screen with you, you can also ask to be able to control their keyboard and mouse. You might find this useful for training sessions, to collaborate with another person on a document, or to troubleshoot any issues you encounter while working on it.

In order to set attendee privileges for a meeting, you can set the privileges when you schedule the meeting, or you can do this during a meeting by selecting Participants > Assign Privileges.

Provide access

  1. If you are sharing your screen with someone else, click the Assign icon, and then select the person you would like to give keyboard and mouse control to.
  2. You will be prompted to grant control of your computer when you see this message.

To gain control of their screen, a message appears on the screen.
 You will no longer be able to use your mouse once they gain control of it.

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What to do next

You can end remote access by clicking once on your mouse.

Request access

  1. It is possible to ask to control someone’s screen when they are sharing it.
  2. There is a dialog box that appears when you click Request.
  3. Click Take control if the request has been accepted.

It is now possible to control the screen of the person.

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