Reasons and benefits of introducing tools for internal communication

Until now, email and phone were the standard methods of contact within the company.

However, in recent years, various tools specialized in the business scene have appeared, enabling smoother interaction.

The smooth sharing of information and communication within the company can be expected to improve the efficiency of all operations.

Here, we explain the merits of introducing business tools such as Web conferencing and groupware as an internal communication method.

We have summarized the points when choosing the product you need for your company from a wealth of tools, so please refer to it.

The reason for introducing tools for internal communication

In the past, it was common to use email and phone to contact people, but nowadays more and more companies are introducing some sort of contact tool.

First, let’s take a closer look at the reasons for introducing tools for internal communication and what kind of tools they actually have.

Communication challenges

Many companies find the lack of internal communication an issue.

One of the reasons for this is that outsourcing of some jobs and expansion of working styles such as remote work and telecommuting have reduced the opportunities to gather and talk within the company.

Another example is the difference in communication methods between generations, such as “young employees do not participate in drinking parties.”

If communication between employees is delayed, it may take a long time to disseminate information, or information may not be properly communicated.

Since these may affect not only internal communication but also external communication, it is necessary to solve them immediately.

What is attracting attention is the existence of a convenient in-house communication tool that allows easy communication.

Types and roles of business tools

So what exactly are internal contact tools?

The following communication tools are useful for communication between employees.

Virtual officeIt is a mechanism that allows you to chat with the staff in the virtual office by operating the avatar.
GroupwareA service that combines a bulletin board, calendar, and file sharing into one. You can share information quickly.
Web conferenceSince the other party's face is displayed, the feature is that you can interact as if you were talking face-to-face. It is also used for business presentations.

In this way, various contact tools have appeared, such as those that combine multiple functions and those that specialize in specific functions.

There are also tools such as file sharing and attendance management that are convenient for linking with remote workers.

Using these functions in combination will help alleviate the lack of communication between employees.

Benefits of introducing the contact tool in-house


Introducing a contact tool inside the company can bring various benefits in addition to improving communication.

From here, I will explain the advantages of the internal communication tool.

A wealth of functions leads to operational efficiency

For example, if you introduce a web conferencing tool, you will be able to join the meeting from your personal desk or home without having to bother in the meeting room.

This makes it possible to shorten travel time and cut costs such as transportation and business travel expenses.

You can expect to improve productivity because you can spend other time and money for other tasks.

Also, by introducing a chat tool, you will be able to exchange short sentences and express using stamps.

Unlike emails, you don’t have to worry about subject lines or greetings, and you can spend less time composing messages.

For chats, you can track the contents in a timeline format, making it easy to check past conversations and information.

In addition, if you use the virtual office, you can see the enrollment status of remote workers at a glance, and it will be easier to collaborate with the outside world.

It will be possible to further improve efficiency by combining multiple functions as needed.

Information can be accumulated and made into a manual

If you leave necessary information and know-how on the bulletin board of groupware, they will be accumulated and become one manual.

By sharing past troubles and successful cases of other stores throughout the company, it may be made known quickly and new ideas may be easily gathered.

Another advantage is that you can save yourself the trouble of repeatedly asking the same question.


How and points to choose the required service


No matter how convenient a contact tool is, if you add a number of functions you don’t need in your company, it will be less efficient.

Finally, let’s take a closer look at the points when introducing the internal communication tool.

Clarify challenges and objectives

When introducing an internal communication tool, it is first necessary to clarify the issues that the company should solve.

You cannot find the tool you need unless you have set goals and objectives such as why you should introduce the tool and what you want to improve or solve with the tool.

Let’s start by identifying issues such as improving communication within the company, managing attendance of remote workers, and reducing the time and cost required for meetings and meetings.

Identify the functions required to solve problems

Once the issue is clear, look for a tool that has features that help solve it.

For example, it makes no sense to include software that allows you to exchange text only when you want to hold a conference remotely.

It is important to choose the one that can use the functions you need.

There are also various price ranges, such as those that can be used free of charge and those that charge depending on the number of users.

Even if you use tools unnecessarily, it will only cost you money, so let’s consider it while looking at the balance between function and budget.

Another important point is whether the UI is easy to operate even for employees without information literacy and whether support is substantial.

Choose your tools carefully to avoid confusion in your deployment.


  • Various business tools such as web conferencing, chat, and file sharing have appeared.
  • Contact tools have advantages such as operational efficiency and smooth communication
  • You need to identify your company’s issues and introduce tools that help solve them

There are many services that can be used as internal communication tools.

It’s important to compare┬áthe features and costs of each and select the tools you need.


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