Recommended for web conferences! The charm of online meeting tool Zoom

In the business scene, there are opportunities to have meetings and meetings with various parties, such as internal and external parties and distant business partners.

You can talk by e-mail or phone, but if you talk face-to-face, you will be able to understand the facial expressions of the other person, and you will be able to communicate smoothly.

However, it is not efficient in terms of time and cost to visit a supplier at each meeting.

So I would like to recommend the introduction of online meeting tools.

This article introduces the features and functions of the online meeting tool and the recommended online meeting tool “Zoom”.

If you are interested in the mechanism of web conferencing or are considering introducing it, please refer to it.


What is an online meeting tool?


Online meeting tools are tools that hold meetings and meetings online using a PC, smartphone, or tablet.

The feature is that you can talk while looking at the other party’s face on the screen with the image like the business version of “Videophone”.

Another reason for gaining a good reputation is the convenience of being able to attend a meeting from your desk without having to gather in a meeting room.

First, let’s take a closer look at the “web conferencing” and “video conferencing” systems, which are typical online meeting tools.

Also, please refer to it as it explains the points when introducing the online meeting tool.

Differences between web conferencing and video conferencing


There are two main types of online meeting tools: Web conferencing and video conferencing.

Both are systems that can hold a conference online, but there are differences in the connection style and availability of movement.


Web conferencing is an online meeting tool that can be used anywhere if you have an Internet connection.

You do not need to prepare a dedicated device, you can hold a meeting from your PC or smartphone.

Therefore, it can be used not only for in-house Web conferences but also for meetings and presentations with remote suppliers.

However, since the quality of voice and video is easily affected by the connection status of the Internet, it is necessary to pay attention to the capacity of the device and the communication speed of the line.

Video conference

Video conferencing is an online meeting tool that allows you to interact through a dedicated device.

The feature is that the communication is more stable than that of the web conference, and the conference can proceed without interruption of sound or deterioration of image quality.

On the other hand, keep in mind that video conferencing is not only costly to install dedicated equipment, but also maintenance costs.

Equipment for video conferencing is basically installed in a conference room.

While good for large meetings, web conferencing is recommended if you don’t want to be restricted in location.

System introduction points


When implementing an online meeting tool, compare and select the following points.

  • Simple to install and operate
  • Number of participants/range
  • Security measures

Many online meeting tools require account registration and app downloads.

If you choose a UI service that even people who are not familiar with PCs can use it easily, the installation will be smooth.

Also, many online meeting tools come in two types, free and paid, and each has a different maximum number of people.

The free version is sufficient for small meetings and personal use, but if you plan to have a large number of meetings, consider a paid plan.

In addition, you should also consider the possibility of unauthorized access to the contents and data of the interactions using online meeting tools.

We recommend that you select a service that has sufficient security measures and defect support when installing it.

Online meeting tool features


The online meeting tool has the following features.

  • Recording
  • Screen sharing
  • Remote operation
  • Text chat


It is a function that allows you to record the contents of a meeting that you have conducted using the online meeting tool.

Don’t worry about missing important conversations as you can look back at the meeting details later.

Screen sharing

This function allows you to share the screen of the host user with the client.

Convenient for presenting presentation materials to distant business partners and instructing subordinates on how to operate.

There is also an online meeting tool that has a whiteboard function that allows you to write letters on each other.

Remote operation

This is a function that allows the remote control of the other person’s computer by allowing the client-side.

There is a merit that you can help when the other person has a problem in operation.

Text chat

It is a function that allows you to enter and exchange characters as well as voice conversations.

If you can’t use the microphone or communication is unstable, you can also exchange text chat.

Features of recommended service “Zoom”


Finally, I will introduce the features of the recommended online meeting tool “Zoom”.

Zoom is a web conference-type system that can be used from a PC, smartphone or tablet.

Only the host needs to register as a member, but the feature is that the client can use it only by downloading the software.

Difference between the free version and the paid version

The Zoom business plan includes the following four plans.

  • Basic
  • Professional
  • business
  • Company

The free version allows up to 40 minutes of talk time for group meetings of 3 or more people.

If you are a professional or higher-paid version, it is recommended that you can call with a large number of people without worrying about time.



  • An online meeting tool is a system that allows you to hold a meeting online via a PC or smartphone.
  • In addition to being able to record and share screens, it has the advantage of facilitating meetings with distant customers.
  • We recommend “Zoom” which is easy to use and does not require client membership registration.

By introducing an online meeting tool, meetings between headquarters and branch offices, and meetings with remote workers will be facilitated.

A zoom is a tool that is easy to use even for people who do not have high IT literacy, so companies that are considering using it should definitely consider it.

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