Record a separate audio file for each participant who participated in Zoom

This time, I will explain the function to record and acquire the voice of each oom participant.

It’s not that important as a feature, but it’s useful when editing videos.

What if I have a separate audio file for each participant?

By enabling this function, it is possible to acquire the audio of each participant as well as the audio of the entire meeting.

Therefore, among all the participants, only the voice of the instructor can be acquired, so even if it is difficult to hear the voices of various people during the seminar, it is possible to recover.

To enable recording with a separate audio file for each participant

To record individual audio, just check one in the settings.

First, open the setting screen from the Zoom application.


There is a recording in the menu on the left, so let’s select it.

There is an item “Record with individual audio file for each participant” in this, so let’s check it.


Now that it is enabled, you can close it without any problems.

Let’s actually record

Let’s start recording with this check checked.

I won’t write about recording in detail this time, but at first glance there is no change from before the individual recording was enabled.

The difference is in the data acquisition at the end of the meeting.

Let’s take a look at the downloaded data.


There is no difference here.

Next, let’s take a look inside the Audio Record folder.


There are two files.

This is because we recorded a Zoom meeting that we held together.

The contents spoken by each are saved as separate files.

If this is three people, three files will be created.

However, even if there are three people, if there is one person who has turned off the microphone all the time, only two people can data.

If you play these, you can see that the data is separated.

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