Requesting a number port in South Africa in zoom App


When you port a number from another provider to your Zoom Phone account, you can use a pre-existing number from another company.


  • South Africa currently supports local number portability.
  • We need to determine the feasibility of porting the number.


  • Ownership or admin rights on the account
  • For the Zoom Phone subscription
  • Last phone bill or invoice for the Donor

Requesting a number port

  1. Remember to paste the Customer Instruction Form on business letterhead after you have completed the Customer Instruction Form.
  2. The following should be included in an email sent to
    • SA number portage is required in the subject line.
    • The Customer Instruction Form must be completed and hand-signed.
    • You should have received your recent telephone bill regarding the porting of your number, which should be dated within the past thirty days.
  3. Zoom will confirm your request after reviewing it.
  4. To verify that the porting numbers are transferrable, Zoom will contact the local affiliate in South Africa. The porting Letter of Authorization (LOA) will be sent to you once the phone numbers are confirmed to be transferrable.
  5. Your losing provider will be notified that Zoom is requesting the validation of the information in the LOA. In case the porting is accepted, Zoom will work with the losing provider to schedule a date by which the number will be ported. If the numbers are approved, you will be able to manage them in the Zoom web portal once they have been approved.


  • Your current provider must have the same information you provide.
  • You must hand-sign or wet sign the LOA within three months of the date of issue. South Africa does not accept electronically signed LOAs.
  • There will be a number of portability checks performed before the port can be submitted to the losing carrier.
  • Those who sign the LOA and request the port must have the authority to change the account with the losing supplier, as well as the authority to authorize the change.

On occasion, there may be times when the provider informs us that a particular number is not transferable.

  • If you are going through a porting process at the time when the numbers are being transferred from the losing provider to the new one, you may experience some loss of customer service for incoming calls during the time of porting activation.
  • Until the time of LOA submission, it usually takes 45 days to complete the porting process.

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