Scheduling and hosting on-demand webinar


On-demand webinars enable you to schedule a webinar with registration and to automatically record the webinar in the cloud. The registration will remain available after the webinar and everyone registering receives a cloud recording link The host will get registration details both to active attendees and others who register to watch it later.

Note: Registration on-demand recording is not compatible with Paypal integrations, participating e-mails, post-attendee links, or surveys

Scheduling an on-demand webinar

  • Log in to the web portal of Zoom.
  • Click on the option Webinars.
  • edit an existing webinar or Schedule a new webinar.
  • From the Registration section, choose the checkbox.
  • Click Make the webinar on-demand under Webinar Options.
    Note: Whenever you uncheck the options to automatically record the webinar, the on-demand option will be unchecked.

demand webinar

  • Save for an existing webinar or Click Schedule for a new webinar.
  • A video icon will display a webinar description and webinar list indicating that the webinar is on-demand.


Hosting an on-demand webinar

If you host an on-demand webinar, Cloud recording starts immediately as the webinar is started. You don’t have to take further measures as a host.

Sharing an on-demand webinar

A webinar user who registers before it begins will get a link to attend the webinar at the specified time. Users who register during the webinar get a link to attend the webinar. Users that register after the scheduled time and date will be able to see the recording.



  • If you have also allowed the registration set to close just after the event, people may register for on-demand registration using the original registration URL.
  • The on-demand webinar registration list is distinct from the participants of the live webinar. For on-demand webinar recording registrants, pick your webinar from the Recording page and click “View Registrants.”
  • If you’d like to share a direct link to your on-demand webinar, on the recordings page pick your webinar and click Copy Shareable Link.

Viewing reports for an on-demand webinar

In Webinar Reports, you may see registrations and attendant reports for your webinar. Learn more about reporting on webinars. Access My Recordings to see who is registered for the webinar recording.

  • Log in to the online portal Zoom.
  • Click on the option Recording.
  • Click on the webinar topic.


  • Click on the option View Registrants.


  • The registrant details is shown on three tabs: Pending, approved and denied.

  • Check the box next to any users that you wish to authorize.
  • Pending approval: Click Approve. Check the box next to every user you’d want to reject. Click Deny.
  • Approved: This lists all users with access to the recording visualization.

Editing registration settings

  • Log in to the online portal Zoom.
  • Click on the option Recording.
  • Click on the webinar subject.


  • Click on Settings for Registration.


  • This opens the settings on-demand.

settings on-demand.

  • Approval: Select whether you want registrants to see the recording automatically following registration, or if you want registrants to see the logging manually.
  • Notification: Check whether you want an email when someone registers to watch the recording.
  • Additional options: Check if you want to display social sharing buttons on the registration page. This includes
  • Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn social sharing buttons.
  • Questions: Click on the question tab to choose which fields will be displayed and needed to watch the recording if someone registers.
  • Custom questions: Add custom questions to be answered by visitors when registering to watch the recording.
  • Click on the Save All option once done.

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