Setting to disable phone use for Zoom audio

Will I be billed for phone calls with Zoom?

You can use your phone for Zoom audio, but you may be charged for the phone because of this.

Of course, if you use an overseas phone number, you will also be charged for international calls.

In order to avoid such concerns, it is also important for the host to set up the telephone numbers so that participants cannot use them.

If you haven’t configured anything yet, when you click the ” ^ ” to the right of ” Mute/Unmute ” in your Zoom meeting, you’ll see an option to ” Switch to phone audio .”

If you click here to make a call, you will be charged for the call.


Also, from the ” Invite ” button, click ” Copy Invitation ” and paste it in an email, etc. to display the phone number for joining the meeting by phone.


I will write a method to display such as above and set so that the person who uses Zoom will not make a call.

When scheduling a meeting ID with automatic generation

This is a way to set default values ​​for automatically generating meeting IDs in your schedule.

In, click Settings.

Here, set the audio type to ” Computer audio ” and click ” Save “.

The settings here are the default settings when scheduling a meeting.

When you set up a meeting, the voice type ” phone and the computer voice ” or ” phone You can also change to”.


If you have selected ” Computer Audio ” at the time of the schedule, in Zoom Meeting, even if you click the ” ^ ” to the right of ” Mute/Unmute “, you will not see the option ” Switch to phone audio “. Hmm.

Even if you click the ” Invite ” button and click ” Copy Invitation ” to paste the invitation into the email, the information that would call you has been deleted.

When using a personal meeting ID

Even when using the Personal Meeting ID, you can set it to always use “Computer audio”.

“of meeting ” from ” personal meeting rooms and choose.”


” Edit this meeting by clicking on”, and the settings for a personal meeting.


Here, set ” Audio ” to ” Computer audio “.

Then, in a meeting with a Personal Meeting ID, clicking the ^ to the right of Mute/Unmute does not show the option to ” Switch to phone audio .”

Even if you click the ” Invite ” button and click ” Copy Invitation ” to paste the invitation into the email, the information that would call you has been deleted.

How to Prevent Phone Calls at All Meetings

Now, even if you set up to this point, if you use instant meetings, you will get the option of making a call.


Even if you click ” Invite ” from ” Invite “, the information is written so that you will be called.

Click ” Account Settings ” in ” Account Management ” of

* “Account Settings” in “Account Management” will not be displayed unless you have a Pro account or higher.


Here, set the audio type to “Computer audio” and lock it further.

You can lock this account-wide setting by clicking the lock symbol.


Once locked, you cannot change the audio type to any option other than “Computer audio” in other settings.

Then, when locked, clicking the ” ^ ” to the right of ” Mute/Unmute ” in the Zoom meeting will remove the option to ” Switch to phone audio .”

However, if you click the ” Invite ” button and click ” Copy invitation ” to paste the invitation into the email, the information that would call you will remain written.

Hmm, can’t this be erased…


It is also an important task of the organizer to set up the participants so as to eliminate anxious factors.




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