Settings and preparation for Zoom’s virtual background

Zoom fun features, virtual backgrounds

Virtual background is a function that allows you to set your favorite image as your own background.

Yesterday I introduced a failure example , but today I will introduce a success example.


First of all, please set to use the virtual background in My Meeting Settings.

From My Account in Zoom, turn on the virtual background in “My Meeting Settings” .


Then, in the “^” mark on the right side of “Stop Video”, the menu “Please select a virtual background” will appear.

From a tropical beach …

From a fashionable living room …

From my apartment at night …

You can set your favorite image and play with it.


However, the background must be unified in one color.

It seems that green is especially good.

Cloth etc. are wrinkled, so plastic cardboard seems to work well.


You can also manually set the color for the virtual background.

For example, if you set the color of the hair, the part of the hair will be replaced with the background image.


You can buy plastic cardboard at home improvement stores.

In the photo above, two plastic cardboard boxes with a width of 90 cm and a height of 180 cm are used.



It’s okay if the background is one color and matte, so even if the white wall is the background.

In that case, if you are wearing white clothes, it will be recognized as a background, so be careful.

It works well if you wear clothes that are clearly different in color from the background.




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