Should the virtual background be a green background in zoom?

A green background is a good virtual background for Zoom, but is it possible to use a color other than green?
Or should it be green?

There are two types of virtual backgrounds for Zoom.

  1. A virtual background that replaces the background with another image
  2. A virtual background that replaces non-persons with another image

This looks the same, but it’s a completely different mechanism.

In the case of , the computer recognizes a specific color in the image and replaces that color part with another image.

(2 ) recognizes the outline of the person in the image and replaces the outside of the outline with another image.

When recognizing the outline of a person in real time, high performance of the computer is required, so a 64-bit OS and a CPU with a Core i7 quad-core or higher CPU cannot perform the virtual background by the method of ( 2 ). ..

However, the method of ( 1 ) can create a sufficiently beautiful virtual background.

At this time, the background must be a single color.

The virtual background setting screen also has a checkbox that says “I have a green screen.” Is it necessary that the color be green ?

That’s right.

Green or blue is preferable.


If you make the background green, the clothes will also become the background if you are wearing green clothes.


In such a case, you can change your clothes to a different color or remove accessories with similar colors.

What you cannot change or remove is the color of the human being itself .

The skin color is flesh-colored, but some people have fair skin and some have black skin.

Black is the color of your hair, and for some people it may be reddish, blonde or even gray.

In the eyes, the eyes are black to brown, and the other parts are white.

The color of lips cannot be used as a background.


What are those colors that are far away from them? When that happens, look at the color wheel.


Far from the skin color and the color of the lips are green and blue.

For that reason, you can create a beautiful virtual background by using green or blue as the background.



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