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Individuals at least sixteen years old can create their own account on the Zoom site . Such are the limitations that its developers have imposed. It turns out that a student who is not from high school will not be able to register on his own, an error will appear at the very beginning of the procedure. The situation is quite unpleasant, especially when the online lesson starts soon. Is it possible to register for pupils in Zoom ? Now let’s deal with this issue.


At the stage of creating an account, you need to enter your date of birth. If the user is not yet 17 years old, he will see the following message:

This is an official restriction from the creators of the site. There are several ways to get around it:

  • The conference organizer needs to contact Zuma support and register an account with the “Training” tariff plan. Its minimum cost is $ 150. Mostly suitable for foreign educational institutions. Details on this page .
  • Slightly overestimate the age of the child so that the restriction does not apply to him.
  • Refuse registration, because it is not required to join the conference.

We will not analyze the first method in this article, since it is not yet suitable for Russia and the CIS countries (with rare exceptions, of course). So we will talk about two other options.

Second way

No one will check the accuracy of the data that is indicated when creating an account. At the first stage, enter a different date of birth (over 16 years old) and continue the procedure. Using this method, it will be possible to register two children in Zuma, but each child needs its own profile, with a separate email address.

If you plan to use Zoom for distance learning at school or college, then it is worth clarifying whether this option is acceptable for creating an account.

Third way

To connect to a video conference, participants do not have to create their own account, you can bypass it altogether. It is enough to install the program on a computer or a mobile application on a phone and enter the meeting using a link from the organizer or using an identifier.

More detailed information on using this function is described in a separate article .


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