Solution for errors 5000, 5003, 5004 when connecting to Zoom

If you get errors 5000, 5003, 5004 when trying to connect to Zoom, it is due to your network or antivirus software.

Errors 50005003, and 5004 occur when you try to connect to Zoom’s web service through your browser.

There are several possible causes for this problem.


《Troubleshooting procedure》

  1. If you are using a firewall or proxy to connect to your network, contact your network administrator to check your firewall and proxy settings.
  2. Antivirus software such as McAfee Web Protection or AVG may be blocking the connection to Zoom.
    Please disable the service and try again.
  3. Contact your internet service provider to make sure you can connect to Zoom.

The above three items are translations of the articles posted on the Zoom headquarters homepage.


In fact, when this error occurs, if the participant is a company, it is possible that all of 1 to 3 are applicable.

Please consult your network administrator.


If it is a private home, there is a strong possibility of 2.

Please disable your antivirus software and try it.

If that works, set your antivirus software to allow access to Zoom.

The setting method differs depending on the antivirus software, so it is difficult to answer here.

Please see the manual or contact the support center to solve the problem.



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