Start or stop your video during a Webex meeting, webinar, or event

Having the ability to see your teammates makes collaboration more effective. If you wish to maintain privacy during the meeting, you can easily pause or stop the video when you wish to.

From the meeting controls, you can start and stop your video at any time. The following link will provide you with information regarding your video connection prior to joining a meeting.

You can stop and restart your video at any time during the course of a meeting after you have joined a meeting and started your video.

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The video for a paired device can be stopped and restarted directly from the meeting interface if you have joined the meeting with that device and paired it with the meeting.

  1. During the meeting, you can stop your video by clicking the Stop video button.
  2. Click on the Start video button if you wish to restart your video.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does stop video mean on Webex?

The Webex App allows you to turn off your video after you have joined a meeting or a call in the event that you do not wish to show the video to others. While you will still be able to view video from other people whose apps have it enabled, you will not be able to see their video.

What is start my video in Webex?

Whenever you join the meeting, you can start your video and stop it easily when you want to go back to your own space. The meeting controls provide you with the option of starting or stopping your video. Click here to find out how to join a meeting using a video connection before you join one. The video can be stopped and restarted at any time during a meeting after you have joined it and started it.

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How do I turn video on in Webex event?

1. You can find Event Description & Options under the Schedule an Event section of the page. 2. In order to enable or disable video, you will need to select the Turn on video check box.

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How do you turn off video on Webex?

In order to disable video for all participants in your meeting, you must uncheck the box that states “Allow all participants to turn on video.” Once you have unchecked this box, click “Apply” and then “OK.” All participants should be unable to use their video once you have clicked on Meeting > Options > General.

How do I present a video in a Webex meeting?

You can do this by following these steps:

  • It is very simple to join or start a new Webex meeting if you launch the Webex desktop app.

  • The toolbar will appear when your cursor is hovered over the screen, and then you can select Share content from this toolbar.

  • You will be redirected to a new tab.

  • You can do this by selecting Optimize for video and motion from the menu.

Can attendees turn on video in Webex events?

Before you begin

When the participants are ready, they can switch back on their video, including if they leave for a short period of time and return later in the meeting. The only panelists who are allowed to send video during webinars or events are those who are speaking.

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