Steps to upgrade your Zoom account from free to paid

You can use Zoom for free, but if you’re hosting a meeting or seminar yourself, you should upgrade to the paid version.
I will write the procedure.


First, go to the Zoom home page and sign in if you are not signed in.


If you are signed in, there is a button called “My Account” in the upper right corner, so click it.


The “My Profile” screen will be displayed. Make sure that “User Type” is Basic and click “Upgrade”.
If it is already a paid version, it will be displayed as “Pro”.

Click Upgrade Account.


Click the “Upgrade” button for ¥ 1,679 / month for “Pro”.

Previously, if you paid annually, you would get a discount of 10 months, but now it’s definitely 12 months.

Scroll down here …

Click “Continue”.

Enter your credit card information and make a payment.

You can use Zoom with the paid version from the time the payment is completed.


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