Steps to upload videos longer than 15 minutes to Youtube

If you are just starting out with Youtube, you will not be able to upload videos longer than 15 minutes to Youtube.
Removing this restriction is easy!


By default, Youtube is set so that you can only upload for up to 15 minutes.

To cancel this, just confirm your identity with your phone number!

First, with Youtobe signed in, click the button to upload.

On this screen, you will see the words “Do you want to upload a video longer than 15 minutes? Increase the limit”.

Click “Increase the limit”.

Here, we will confirm your identity by telephone.

Receive the confirmation code by voice or select whether to receive it by SMS.

A confirmation window will appear, so click “Confirm”.


Enter your phone number and click Submit.

Then follow the instructions on Youtube.

This setting greatly increases the maximum number of videos that can be uploaded.


By the way, the maximum uploadable video size is 128GB or 12 hours, whichever is smaller.

It’s almost the same as unlimited.


We will hold a seminar on December 2nd about detailed settings when recording to the cloud with Zoom, editing of recorded videos, how to share videos, etc.

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